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Established since 1998.
We offer unique tutor-supported Holistic Counsellor training
combining the benefits of group learning with individual attention,
so you aren't stuck, alone or overlooked.


YOUR questions are answered! YOUR coursework gets feedback!

This helps you integrate the learning and experience those ‘AHA’ moments

and breakthroughs - not only for yourself but your clients too !


Interactive training now available part-time and fully online.
So that you can gain a professional Metaphysical Counsellor qualification
from the comfort of your home !!!

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Do you remember.....

What inspired you to learn about Spirituality / Metaphysics in the first place?

Did you see beneficial results in your life?

Do you think others would find that knowledge helpful too?


Learn how to share those insights by empowering others and working professionally with clients as a Metaphysical Counsellor.

You have VALUABLE knowledge that the world needs to hear.

We only need to briefly look around at the world - to see people in pain, people living in conflict and drama, in their homes, families & workplaces - essentially people feeling disempowered, 'at odds with life' and not living their fullest potential.

These individuals need help - waking up from the unconscious patterns which hold them back.

They need help - learning how to transform the challenges before them - into soul lessons.

They need help - understanding how to use the Universal Laws & Principles constructively.

They need inspiration and empowering methods to stop recreating painful cycles and reclaim more inner peace.

In short, everyone has the means within themselves to enjoy a happier life and feel more aligned to their True Self.
They just need encouragement and a little 'know-how'


In order for this to happen YOU can play a vital role in being a 'Catalyst in their Transformation' - awakening them to new possibilities they have not yet considered.

YOU can shed light on the areas where people feel caught and show them how to, transform the challenges they face and unlock the deeper lessons that life is trying to teach them.


Because without this knowledge and ability - they go round in circles and are unable to move forward or master life's journey.

(Which impacts not just their life experience but the lives of those around them, including their children too).





So where does Metaphysical Counsellor training come into this ?

How can Metaphysics help you - to help others?

Firstly this training is in 2 parts:

MSEC Metaphysics Foundation Training

This Foundation training focuses on your personal journey and deepening your own understanding of the spiritual awakening process, unhooking some of the areas where you still feel caught and clarifying the need-to-know topics.

It focusses on the fundamentals of Metaphysics and your personal growth, so you clear away blocks, understand how to APPLY the teachings to your own life and see results.

This is an important first step in deepening understanding and integrating prior knowledge, so that when you become a Practitioner, you feel confident to speak from your own truth and experience because you have 'first-hand' experience and understand how Metaphysics works.

The Foundation course is studied fully online in 24 topics over 6 months because it takes time & regular attention to integrate this understanding & really 'get it', so you feel confident in what you know. Participants who successfully complete the full 24 part training and associated homestudy gain an MSEC Certificate of Completion in recognition of their efforts.

If you wish to work professionally with others as a Metaphysical Counsellor or Facilitator, then the Foundation Course Certificate is required inorder to progress to Metaphysical Counsellor or Facilitator training.

More information about the Foundation course here >>



MSEC Metaphysical Practitioner Training Course

The Practitioner training is open to graduates of the MSEC Foundation course and here we take the principles and practice already learnt and transpose it to an Holistic Counselling setting, so you can assist others.
Metaphysical Counselling is an holistic-approach therapy based on spiritual principles. When we are out of alignment with our True Self we experience conflict and difficulties.
Clients seek counselling when they feel stuck by a problem. Yet no two individuals are the same, they are all at different stages of understanding, all have different histories, different levels of distress, emotion & spiritual awareness.

What's different about the Metaphysical approach is that you are trained in a wide range of versatile methods and techniques, so you are able to be flexible and adapt the counselling sessions to the needs of each individual client.

For example
  • If a person has no spiritual beliefs and feels stuck in life - there are methods which can help bring more ease and flow
  • If the individual feels unable to get past grief or loss - there are various approaches which can assist when coping with change.
  • If the client is open to spiritual ideas - yet feels frustrated by a repeating pattern - there are tools to unlock the pattern.
  • If someone is struggling with a conflict at work or with a family member - there are techniques to uncover the root causes, reveal the life lessons and also tools to assist in bringing about a more peaceful resolution

Metaphysical Counselling is a very versatile approach - it can be used to re-empower a client on a wide range of issues and steadily guide them (at their own pace) back towards their True Self.

THE RESULT IS - they have deeper understanding of life's ups-and-downs; they feel more aligned within themselves and with life and thereby experience a greater sense of wholeness and peace
During The Counsellor Training You Will :

Build on the understanding already gained in the Foundation Course and go much much deeper, learning effective new skills & techniques, developing your ability to analyse client case histories and bring the principles to life so you can see how to APPLY THEM to assist yourself and others.

  • Throughout the training we help you have greater integration within yourself, so that you gain insight & heal some of your own triggers (which really helps us speak from experience when we start working with others).
  • You will learn listening & communication skills, so that you feel confident to explain the fundamental principles & laws to newcomers and understand how to work WITH a person's belief system to help them gain fresh insights (valuable skills for anyone).
  • You will gain the insight & understanding to assist people at different states & stages along their Spiritual path - people from different religions & those with no faith at all.
  • You will develop the ability to be able to diagnose from a client's case history the areas where they feel caught and explore deeper to identify the underlying causations, the soul lessons and the hidden dynamics.
  • You will discover how to create a customised Treatment Plan adapted to a client's unique needs, their specific situation and level of awareness - so that they feel heard. Then together you work on the issues which trouble them most and encourage them to look again at aspects of their lives and understand from a deeper perspective.


  • You will nurture & develop the skills & understanding to help people at different levels of 'upsetness', learn how to help them handle their emotions differently without pulling away or resisting. Then when they are ready, help them see through the emotions and understand the key life lesson the upset was inviting them to learn.

  • You will be practiced with a range of effective tools & techniques to help the client unlock where they feel caught, gain breakthroughs, help them feel more empowered, find more inner peace, see results & changed effects.
  • All the whilst working on a Spiritual level too, to gently help the client wake up and gain new realisations about their True Nature.

As you can see it's a comprehensive training programme which will provide you with valuable life skills - however you choose to use  this knowledge.
And of course if you choose to work professionally counselling clients, you have the potential to earn an additional income too!!


You will be trained how to conduct sessions "in person" and worldwide via phone/video calls.

What Can I Do With the Qualification?
Metaphysics can be a rewarding vocation. It is a recognised Holistic Counselling therapy (established over 25 years).  The School of Metaphysics offers a range of unique training courses which can lead to professional qualifications enabling you to set up in private practice as an MSEC Metaphysical Counsellor, Facilitator or Teacher.
The course is recognised and approved by the Metaphysical Society for the Expansion of Consciousness (MSEC) and the BRCP (British Register of Complementary Practitioners) and more recently the IAOTH (International Association of Therapists).

Successful Practitioners are able to set up in private practice and offer Holistic Counselling services to the public and apply to join MSEC, BRCP and IAOTH.

Some graduates are therapists in other fields - they use the qualification to offer additional services and help them work deeper with their clients.

Others never intend to set up in private practice - instead they use the training for their own personal growth & understanding, to help them cope better with a life situation or help family & friends.
Many use the training to feel more empowered in their current work role, e.g. handling colleagues better or working in HR (Human Resources).


Recent participants, even those who have completed other trainings, have been amazed at how much they have learnt, how the courses exceeded their expectations and how many new insights they gained.



Who Are We? And Why Listen To Us?

Hello there !


My name Debbie Austin, I am the Founder of the School of Metaphysics, and along with my colleagues, we teach the fundamental principles which help people unravel conflicts, dissolve limiting beliefs and find ways of feeling more peaceful, connected and empowered in their life.

No matter whether you choose to take this training for your own personal growth or to become a Metaphysical Counsellor, you will find these principles are both satisfying and rewarding to learn - because once you understand them and know how to apply these principles, you can use them over and over again to cope with relationship issues, health problems, disagreements at work, self-esteem issues, in fact with any and every area of your life.

This training is not just theory or "spiritual loveliness" it is GROUNDED IN DAY-TO-DAY LIFE and day-to-day experiences. We help you see yourself and your life experiences from a fresh perspective.


I first started studying Metaphysics because I knew there was more to life than just this physical realm - I wanted to understand how the Universe works & how to feel more peaceful within myself.

I also wanted to know:
Why I still felt caught in repeating patterns?
Why some people still ‘pressed my buttons’ and had the power to upset me?
Why I kept 'tripping myself up' - despite my understanding and efforts?

To me the Metaphysical Counsellor training was a revelation, because it helped me find ways to unravel my stressful thoughts and start loving my life again....even when I'm not perfect.


I set up the School of Metaphysics back in 1998, shortly after qualifying as an MSEC Metaphysics Teacher because I knew other people would find this information so useful in their lives too.  It was the best decision I ever made!

Fast-forward to today - the School has grown and we've had the privilege of assisting thousands of counselling clients find more inner peace, and helped thousands of students discover for themselves their connection to life and their inner resourcefulness, and those who felt inspired,have even gone on to set up in practice as Metaphysical Counsellors.


So we speak from experience, we've been there, we've done it,
we've seen these principles & techniques in action - we know they work.

PLUS we are not some large impersonal training organisation where no-one even knows your name. We treat everyone as individuals and as Tutors we gain satisfaction from helping you 'get it' too and start seeing tangible results in your life.



Quotes from a previous participants


“Since I embarked in the study of Metaphysics, I could have never imagined that I was starting one of the most exciting journeys of my life...the journey back to myself. I came to Metaphysics as a deeply resentful, angry, frustrated person that had no friends and a marriage that was going to sink.  Today, after the Foundation Course and the Practitioner course, I am a person with new and restored relationships, I have friends, I have a lovely marriage, I know my children love me and I have a new career. I am less reactive, less judgmental, more loving and forgiving. Today, I have found the purpose of my life. And all that has been thank you to this course. There are no words to express my gratitude.


“The Metaphysical counselling sessions were like a light had been shone on my very muddled and hectic life.
After the first session I felt like a weight was being lifted and by the end I felt I had a far better understanding of my own self and
how my reactions to certain issues in my life had help to create my muddle.”


“The Foundation course is a lot of fun and will truly help anyone that seeks a better way in life to finally understand the true cause of all their upsets and the true solution to undoing them. This isn’t about giving away your control, it’s about reclaiming it and recognising that you are the author of your own script and that you get to choose your experience no matter what may appear to be occurring on the ‘outside’.

"The online course is wonderful, packed full with meaningful and helpful content
and delivered in a manageable way to fit around your schedule


"The highlight for me is the camaraderie that is developed amongst your fellow course mates that is something to be cherished as we witness each other’s subtle and profound changes over the course timeline. You will learn new tools and techniques that will give you plenty of “aha” moments.

Keep an open mind, be willing to question everything you thought was ‘true’ about you, be willing to be ‘wrong’ and be willing to believe you're worth it and that you deserve to be happy!
Go for it!”


“I would recommend every bit of the School of Metaphysics….”  

Meet Your Tutors...

Mei Flynn

Course Manager
Metaphysical Counsellor,
Teacher & Facilitator

Luca Occelli

Course Teacher
Metaphysical Counsellor, Teacher & Facilitator

Jackie Campbell

Course Teacher
Metaphysical Counsellor, Teacher & Facilitator

General Information


NB. This is a pro-active training
Not something to download & stay on your hard drive, because passive style training rarely works.
How many books have you read but never finished or implemented?


We know that 'Salvation happens through us, not to us'
So active participation is an essential part of all our training courses, because it only through integrating & questioning the material that you gain the insights & lasting transformation that you have been looking for.


So in these interactive trainings and inorder to qualify you would need to participate in the course webinars/forums, complete homestudy etc to create a portfolio of evidence, which demonstrates your understanding of all the key elements of the training. Your portfolios are then independently verified, before certificates are issued.


In order to complete the Part 2 Practitioner course, students are required to complete reading assignments and regular homework, to complete practice client case histories, to receive personal Metaphysical Counselling and take an exam at the end of the course.

[Please note - student insurance is required for all trainee Practitioners. If you are a therapist, it should be possible to add this to your existing policy or we can provide a list of complimentary therapist insurers for the UK, Ireland & some international countries.
If you live outside the UK, please contact us to see if cover is available in your country.]


With regards to homework - for the Part 1 Foundation course, you will probably need to set aside approx 3-4 hours per week for the course content and to take part in Q&A webinar, and complete the reflective assignment for the week.

For the Part 2 Practitioner course, you will probably need to invest approx. 5-6 hours per week to course work, background reading etc. in addition to class time. Towards the end of the course, this will increase if you are completing case studies and revising. The work load is significant but not excessive, especially if it is completed regularly and at a steady pace.
The Foundation Course is usually completed within 6 - 9 months, and the follow on Practitioner course usually takes 12 - 14 months The whole training is spread over time to enable students to complete the required assignments, integrate the new understanding and undergo further personal growth.

The waitlist is currently open for the next Foundation training, after successful completion, the follow on Practitioner training is scheduled for 2024



For now we recommend starting with the Foundation course and seeing if it resonates for you.

Once you see how it works in your own life, you will then feel more confident in sharing it with others...

If you have any further queries please contact Debbie Austin at


To make a start towards becoming a professional Metaphysician, please take the next step click below to reserve your place on the waitlist for the next Foundation Course intake.


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What Past Participants Have To Say...

"The Course material has been put together very well, each topic following on nicely from the previous one. Useful exercises, meditations and articles. Tutor support all the way."

"So glad I have taken this course. The subjects were in-depth and thought provoking. Each topic has been an eye-opener and has changed my understanding in a positive and beautiful way of who we really are. At times I have had to adjust my original way of thinking and this has been challenging but it all makes sense to me and I now understand what it is I have been searching for all my life; I now feel I am truly on the right spiritual path."


"This course has been a journey, the most important journey that I have ever taken, the journey to My Self. It has been done in such a subtle and gentle way that I am still amazed."

"One of the most transformational courses you can come across...."


"The best course I have EVER studied.... and I've done a lot!!!"


Join us and find out why...







Our Registration Process - How It Works


By joining our trainings we understand that you are investing in your future.
So it is important to ensure that what we offer resonates for you and we are a good fit to work together.


Before enrolling on the course -


Please see click the link below & book a time to speak with one of the course tutors.

This is a no-obligation, no-sales, fact finding call 
We want you to be clear about what we do and know that its the best next step for you
So our focus will be to answer any course questions you may have.
We can walk you through the training programmes, show you inside.
Help you feel clear about the options, how it works, what we do, what to expect etc.
And if you wanted to progress to Counsellor training, how that works too and career options there.

After the appointment, if you still wish to go ahead
The tutor will provide you with a special link where you can register for the September training
And there are various payment options, 8 installments, early bird or 'Buy Now Pay Later' rate .
So please click the link below book a time to speak with us
You have so much to gain and absolutely nothing to loose
Arrange a time to speak with us soon


Major credit/debit cards accepted or PayPal

Course Rates




(A) 8 Installment Plan

Total price for the whole course is £3400
This requires the first payment of £425 upon registration and then 7 x monthly installments of £425. 


(B) Early Bird Rate
Single installment £2975 (saving £425 on full course rate)
Payable on registration
(Buy Now Pay Later options available)





12-15month accredited training 

Course rate -
Between £4,995 and £5,295 depending on whether you choose early bird rate or installment plan

(rates correct 27/9/23)




We want you to be happy about your decision to join this training, so if you have any questions do please get in contact - we are happy to assist

Warmest wishes


Debbie Austin

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