Feeling Stuck?
Looking for new insights?


Ready to make long lasting and positive changes to your life??


✨ Are you feeling a bit lost and unsure about the way forward?

✨Have you found recent challenges a struggle and find it hard to stay focused?

✨ Do you feel anxious a lot of the time and not sure how to handle it?

If you were guided and supported would you be ready to take some steps to look at your blocks and find a way to move forward in different areas of your life?????

If the answer is YES I invite you to join our next 6 week online interactive course Introduction to Self Awareness
Here is what we'll cover......


✨You find inner peace even though the outer world looks like chaos

✨You learn to stay in your own power...react less and respond more

✨You're supported & guided to release any blocks you have & life the life you really want

✨Understand why positive affirmations don't always work

✨You can use this course as an introduction if you're new to spirituality....or good reminder if you've done some work before.

How the course is run?

✨ This is an interactive course so we will send notes every week & exercises for you to complete

✨Personal feedback and support for you to work on different areas of your life and a plan to go forward with

✨Weekly webinars to discuss different topics to bring them to life and an opportunity to ask questions (or you can just listen!!)

✨ Private Facebook Group where we can connect and support each other

There will be the option to attend the webinars on Wednesdays as well as Saturdays (times to be decided based on the group preferences)


Future Course Dates
(all courses run for 6 weeks)

Saturday 7th August

Wednesday 8th September

Saturday 11th September

Wednesday 3rd November

Saturday 6th November


If you would like any other days except Wednesdays or Saturdays please let us know as we can be flexible...or maybe you have your own group and set your day and time??


How much does the course cost?

£177 (includes manual, weekly webinar & personal support) - early bird rate before July 31st!!

£197 (after July 31st)

Deadline to register is August 2nd - link for payment to secure your place https://PayPal.me/Mei1973


Don't take our word for it, here's what some previous students said......


✨ Mei has an amazing ability to life vibrant and hold space for group energy allowing transformation on an individual and collective basis. Through a variety of techniques she empowers individuals to make changes in their lives so they are living to the best of their ability and shaping and manifest in their worlds

✨ Mei is warm,witty vibrant and kind and is an exceptional skilled and we'll established spiritual healer. I thoroughly recommend her courses and counselling sessions

✨ I've been reading a lot of books and watching videos, but didn't know how to apply it to my own life. Now I feel clearer and can see the way forward, thanks Mei and Luca for the support!!


Who are we?

We are Metaphysical Counsellors / Facilitators / Teachers and trained with the School of Metaphysics in London (www.schoolofmetaphysics.com)

Please get in touch if you would like any further information or arrange a chat to see if this is the right course for you - mei@schoolofmetaphysics.com / luca@schoolofmetaphysics.com

Look forward to connecting and sharing this journey with you!!

Mei & Luca xx

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