Why Metaphysics?

What makes our offering different?

Metaphysics is about Life and
learning how to live Life in the most harmonious way possible

Discover Spiritual understanding, Universal Laws and Principles, which show how to integrate and unfold YOUR inner wisdom, so that you feel equal to Life and the events which occur.
Life then becomes an unfolding blessing instead of a struggle.


As wonderful as some Spiritual teachings are, they don't always help us make that leap and see how we can apply their principles to OUR life, with OUR past and OUR struggles. This is where Metaphysics training can be of assistance (especially if you have been studying alone). And where support from a group and individual attention from an experienced tutor can help fill in any gaps in understanding.

Study Metaphysics -

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the key principles and laws of the Universe.
  • Ask questions, clarify and deepen your understanding.
  • Discover the ways that we unwittingly create conflict.
  • Learn why we no longer need to avoid or be in conflict with people, situations or events which occur in our life.
  • Feel empowered with tools and understanding which help us meet these situations.
  • Discover realistic and Loving ways to handle these events.
  • Uncover the deeper life lessons and patterns that could be behind these situations, thereby lessening the likelihood of attracting similar events again in the future.
  • Deepen and sustain your Spiritual Understanding


For those wishing to study further, the Foundation Course can lead onto training as a Metaphysical Counsellor or Facilitator

We've clarified the journey-


The Metaphysics taught here, is a distillation of the need-to-know understanding from a whole range of Spiritual teachings, some are ancient wisdoms, some are modern. We focus on the true gems, the core, fundamental principles which when understood and applied, start making life easier and more peaceful straight away. These teachings are effective, versatile and relevant, they will be used time and again on your Spiritual journey.



Unlike most other Metaphysical courses, we offer insights for the whole range of the journey, from beginners to Mystics. Which is why Metaphysics is such a versatile holistic counselling therapy - it can be adapted to meet an individual's level of awareness and their current situation.


Whats it all about?

Essentially we've done some of the work for you,

so that you can have a clearer and simpler pathway through the maze /jungle than we did and hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls.


Let's face it, not everyone feels like an awakened spiritual master - all the time. For most of us, our spiritual path is a slow, steady process of unfoldment and inner realisation. And at some stages we seem to flip backwards and forwards between heightened awareness and day to day struggles. So in the meantime - until we awaken fully - we need effective methods, to help us unravel the issues we currently face, wherever we appear to be on the path and support/guidance to keep us on track.


"No aspect of this work is more important than to learn to use the right tool.
All failure is due to using the wrong one."

Barbara Muhl, an Infinite Way teacher.


There also seems little point, if this wisdom doesn't become alive within us. If it doesn't ignite our own inner awareness and experience. So integrated throughout these studies, are reflective exercises and techniques, to help you embody these wisdoms and build a deeper relationship with your own inner wisdom.


Keen to discover more?

Look no further - at the School of Metaphysics we offer a range of online training options.


More About The School of Metaphysics...



We are an independent counselling and training company, based in the UK and working mostly online. The company was founded by Debbie Austin, 20+ years ago, following her qualification as an MSEC Metaphysical Counsellor and Teacher.

The School's aim has always been to awaken people to their inner wisdom/Spirit and to empower them with understanding and practical skills. So they feel equal to their life and able to live with more freedom, peace and joy. We also love to share some of the insights and enlightening teachings that we have found helpful along the way.
We offer -
  • Counselling and Training in Metaphysics
  • Courses and Wokshops for personal interest.
  • Professional Training Route for Metaphysical Counsellors, Teachers and Facilitators
  • All our teachers are experienced and qualified MSEC counsellors and teachers.
  • Courses you can study online wherever you live.
  • Our online courses have been designed by a qualified Online Teacher Trainer.


Meet Our Team

Debbie Austin

Founder School of Metaphysics
Metaphysical Counsellor,
Teacher, Facilitator &

Mei Flynn

Practitioner Course Manager
Course Tutor
Metaphysical Counsellor,
Teacher & Facilitator

Wendy Loudon

Foundation Course Manager
Course Tutor
Metaphysical Counsellor,
Teacher & Facilitator

Luca Occelli

Course Tutor
Metaphysical Counsellor,
Teacher & Facilitator

Jackie Campbell

Course Tutor
Metaphysical Counsellor,
Teacher & Facilitator

Adela Fontova

Course Tutor

Metaphysical Counsellor,
Teacher & Facilitator

Debbie Austin

After a degree in Human Psychology, then a background in business and teaching. I realised there was more to life, more to the Universe and more to people. So I started exploring Spirituality, initially for my own personal interest and growth, however I loved it so much it soon turned into a career as a Metaphysician.



I trained with Christine King of the Metaphysical Society and qualified as an MSEC Metaphysical Practitioner in 1996. And have been offering counselling services to the public ever since. No two people are the same and the solutions for unfolding the life lessons within a situation and restoring peace, are different every time. It is particularly satisfying helping people discover for themselves, their connection to Life and their inner resourcefulness.


People often want to discover more and understand how and why Metaphysics works, so this naturally led me onto the MSEC Teacher Training courses and the founding of the School of Metaphysics in 1998. I have been offering MSEC Metaphysics Foundation and Practitioner training courses to enthusiastic students ever since. The aim has always been to help people empower themselves and find their own inner connection.


After qualifying as an online teacher trainer I started to adapt the MSEC courses into an online format, so that they could be enjoyed by students living near or far, who do not have access to one of the MSEC training facilities or who enjoy the convenience of online training.


The School of Metaphysics now offers a range of online courses, taught by myself and members of our team


As an MSEC Tutor I am able to offer BRCP Approved training, I also work as an MSEC supervisor and an active member of the MSEC committee. 

However having said all that I am still a student of Life and this wonderful Universe....

About MSEC (Metaphysical Society for the Expansion of Consciousness)

The MSEC was founded in 1993, by Christine King. Its aim was to advance Metaphysical and Spiritual studies and to develop a Holistic Counselling Therapy, based upon Spiritual Principles.
This pioneering therapy and its training route have been recognised and approved by the BRCP for over 20 years

The MSEC is a BRCP Approved training provider, it serves as a training faculty and also as a network for qualified and registered Metaphysical Practitioners, Facilitators and Teachers.
The register is located on the MSEC website www.metaphysicalsociety.com along with a list of the MSEC core beliefs.

About BRCP (British Register of Complimentary Practitioners)

The BRCP is a regulatory body which monitors training and standards of practice within the field of Complementary Medicine. 
Established in 1989, it is one of the longest-running multi-disciplinary registers of complementary practitioners and therapists in the UK.
The MSEC Practitioner and Facilitator Training routes have been recognised and approved by the BRCP.
This means that upon successful completion of the MSEC Practitioner or Facilitator training courses, qualified therapists can apply to join the BRCP. i.e. the British Register of Complimentary Practioners. and be listed on their website.
Their website is https://brcp.uk/
For further information, please contact mail@schoolofmetaphysics.com

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