Are YOU Ready?
Have you been been on your Spiritual path for a while and finally want clarity and to see how it all fits together?

To understand the journey of awakening and how the Universe really works?

To know how to bridge the gap between enlightening Spiritual ideas & down-to-earth practice,

so that you finally experience breakthroughs & know WHAT YOU CAN DO to create tangible shifts

 Register now for the September intake of Metaphysics Foundation Course,
train with MSEC & BRCP recognised specialists.


Gain lifelong skills, new inner confidence, trust and connection.
Deepen your intuition & sense of knowing, reclaim your inner compass, so you react less and respond more.
Discover how & when to APPLY these teachings to YOUR life, YOUR relationships,
YOUR health, YOUR career to make a difference...



Join us for a unique tutor supported training, 24 valuable lessons building your understanding week by week and filling in gaps.

We combine the benefits of group learning with individual attention, so you never feel stuck, alone or overlooked.
YOUR questions are answered, YOUR coursework gets feedback, so that you can finally integrate the learning, experience shifts, 'AHA' moments & breakthroughs in your life.


Gain an indepth understanding - that most students wish they had learnt years ago

Interactive part-time & fully online certified training.
Study from the comfort of your home wherever you are in the world !!!

And if you wish to empower & enlighten others?
This training can lead onto professional MSEC Metaphysical Counsellor qualification


Are YOU Ready?

Read below to find out more…





Do Any of These Sound Like You?

Do you have a passion to make the world a kinder place and better than you experienced it?

Does your heart ache sometimes, because you can't make the difference you know is possble for yourself or others, because you feel caught up in your own thoughts & confusion?


Have you spent thousands on workshops, courses, books and therapies, seeking a solution?
Yet you know something is still missing/not working, because you feel unfulfilled & still not experiencing consistent results


Have you spent hours reading books, watching YouTube videos etc. then affirming, meditating, chanting, praying etc. only to be left feeling frustrated & overwhelmed by all the information thats out there and still not sure what you should do next or whats best for you?


Finally despite all this good work, do you still find that your energy level flip/flops between highs & lows?
Leaving you feeling frustrated & doubting yourself AGAIN & finding some people STILL have the ability to press your buttons!!!
And make you feel back at square one :(



Please Understand You're Not Alone...

We hear from sincere spiritual seekers everyday who feel frustrated about their lack of progress,
people who don't understand why despite their insights & efforts, they still feel stuck & confused.



Usually it boils down to four main obstacles that stop people from reaching their potential:




You buy every self-help book/course/workshop that you find, or eagerly watch video after video on YouTube, and then feel overwhelmed & confused about what you need to do first.

And because the training's not personalised, its unclear how to APPLY these ideas to YOUR life, YOUR problems, YOUR relationships etc.

So you end up feeling worse or suffering from analysis paralysis & procrastination, then the whole cycle repeats again.



You've probably had wonderful spiritual insights and realisations along the way, and maybe you have 'pieces of the jigsaw' from lots of different spiritual teachers, different disciplines and gurus, but no complete roadmap.


So you're not quite sure how they all fit together, which areas are most important to focus on, at which time, and where gaps in understanding lie.



Unless the process of Spiritual Awakening is fully understood, you have pieces of the jigsaw, but don't have the overall roadmap.
So it is unclear which stage you are at, what you need, which skills to develop, what to let go of, what to do first and then what to do next etc.


It is then easy to get lost & discouraged if you don't have a step by step system to guide you, a reliable & proven framework that builds on what you already know & helps identify where you're currently caught, explains how to uncover & unravel some of the limiting beliefs holding you back.


And (most importantly) a process which helps you build trust & clarity, as you get more in touch with your inner wisdom and authentic self.




We see this often, especially if you've studied alone or only participated in large online training programmes, where nobody even knows your name.


Chances are you've never had opportunities to get real individual attention or support.

So you have missed out on getting YOUR questions answered in a friendly small group setting, gaining personal feedback, encouragement and ongoing support from experienced qualified tutors.


Support from like minded people who also want to make this world a kinder place.

Tutors who have lived this journey.


Tutors who understand how unsettling, challenging & lonely it can feel sometimes to be on this spiritual path.

Tutors who understand the highs & lows, how difficult it can be sometimes to stay peaceful & centred -

How one minute you may have wonderful spiritual insights and KNOW deep in your heart that life wasn't meant to be so painful and that greater possibilities are within reach.


And they also understand the lows - the frustration of knowing what could/should be possible and the disappointment & heart-ache of feeling powerless and not knowing how to improve things for ourselves or those around us, especially those we care for.


Its no secret that our tutors don't pretend to be perfect or gurus, like you, they live relatively ordinary lives, doing their best to 'walk the talk' each day. However they have all experienced first-hand, how transformative an understanding of Metaphysics can be and seen for themselves, how empowering & practical it can be for students & counselling clients too.


This is their gift - they are grounded AND spiritual!

ith love, care & sincere hearts - they help  'fill in the gaps' of your understanding, they help you understand how the Universe REALLY works, so you start healing your inner conflicts and feel more peaceful and steady within yourself.

Then as you feel more aligned & empowered, it gets easier to make consistent progress in the areas of your life that matter most to you and start seeing a tangible difference.



We get it

We know how incredibly frustrating this Spiritual journey can be.

We have seen good people with sincere hearts, courageous people who are a beacon of light & hope within their families, friendships, workplace & communities. We have seen them struggle and find this whole process far harder than it needs to be, simply because they were missing some pieces of the jigsaw, they don't have the bigger picture, don't have sufficient support and don't fully understand the process.



Thats why we are making these teachings available again, because (like you) we have a passion to make the world a better place than we experienced and the reason to do this is bigger than you or us.



Please don't let your potential die inside of you

There are people out there waiting for YOU

Waiting for you to stop doubting & fighting yourself

Waiting for the impact & change that only you can offer....


We have no idea whats possible, but its bigger than any one of us and impossible to do this alone

we all need a helping hand along the way and together we are stronger....




Who Are We? And Why Listen To Us?              

Hello there, my name is Debbie Austin.

I'm the founder of the School of Metaphysics and along with my colleagues we teach the fundamental principles which help people unravel conflicts, dissolve limiting beliefs and find ways of feeling more peaceful, connected and empowered in their life.


No matter whether you choose to take this training for your own personal growth or to later become a Metaphysical Counsellor, you will find these principles are both satisfying and rewarding to learn, because once you understand and know how to apply these principles, you can use them over and over again, to cope better with relationship issues, health problems, disagreements at work, abundance challenges, self esteem issues, in fact with any and every area of your life.

This course is NOT JUST theory or "spiritual loveliness", it is "no-nonsense" training GROUNDED IN DAY-TO-DAY LIFE and day-to-day experiences. We help you see yourself and your life experiences from a fresh perspective.


I first started studying Metaphysics because I knew there was more to life than just this physical realm, I wanted to understand how the Universe works & how to feel more peaceful within myself. I also wanted to know -
Why I still felt caught in repeating patterns?
Why some people still ‘pressed my buttons’ and had the power to upset me?
Why I kept 'tripping myself up' - despite my understanding and efforts?

To me the Metaphysical Foundation & Counsellor training was a revelation, because it helped me find ways to unravel my stressful thoughts and start loving life again....even when I'm not perfect.


I set up the School of Metaphysics back in 1998, shortly after qualifying as an MSEC Metaphysics Teacher because I knew other people would find this information useful in their lives too.  It was the best decision I ever made.

Fast-forward to today, the school has grown and we've had the privilege of assisting thousands of counselling clients find more inner peace & helped thousands of students discover for themselves their connection to life and their inner resourcefulness, and those who felt inspired, have even gone on to set up in practice as Metaphysical counsellors & teachers.

So we speak from experience - we've been there, we've done it, we've seen these principles & techniques in action - we know they work.

PLUS we are not some large impersonal training organisation, where no one even knows your name, we treat everyone as individuals and as tutors we gain satisfaction from helping you 'get it' too and start seeing tangible results in your life.





Imagine in 9 months time,
how differently would you feel if you...


  • Could cope better with life's ups & downs
  • If you understood and had more clarity about who YOU are and your souls purpose
  • If you understood the hidden dynamics behind the issues which hold you back

  • If you had insights into the soul lessons, that problems are inviting you to learn

  • If you could unravel the areas where you currently feel caught, understand what happened & why

  • If you had the knowledge & practical skills to reclaim your inner peace & presence.

  • If you felt less disturbed by worry & fear & worry because you understood its origins and how to transform it.

  • If you understood the deeper purpose of relationships & felt better equipped to handle your emotions and transform them
  • If you had a developed a life-long skill set, helping you stay more aligned & true to yourself
  • If you felt more aligned with your True Self and found it easier to balance your spiritual awareness with your practical day-to-day life?


Now isn't that worth learning about?


Study with us and gain a fresh new perspective on life, in particular-


  • A deeper understanding of the bigger picture and the process that we and humanity are going through.

  • Recognise the states & stages of the Spiritual Awakening process, the pitfalls & challenges at each stage and the best methods to use, for the smoothest way through.

  • Gain a clearer appreciation of Life's Lessons, why they happen and what you can do.

  • Discern & discover the hidden dynamics beneath the surface of many of life's challenges

  • Develop a proactive working knowledge of the universal laws & principles, so you can unravel the areas where you currently feel caught, understand what happened & why, and practical things you can do to reclaim your inner peace & presence

In short this comprehensive training is an education, where you will discover information that most participants wish they had known years ago. PLUS with individual support & attention you will soon start feeling more confident and empowered, to face & navigate life's adventures


24 Part MSEC Metaphysics Foundation Training


This course focuses on your personal journey and deepening your own understanding of the spiritual awakening process, unhooking some of the areas where you still feel caught and clarifying the need-to-know topics.

It is studied fully online

We look at 24 topics over the coming 9 months, because it takes time & regular attention to integrate this understanding & really 'get it', so you feel confident in what you know.


Participants who successfully complete the full 24 part training and associated homestudy, gain an MSEC certificate of completion, in recognition of their efforts.

If you wished to continue your studies with us, so that you could work professionally with others, completion of this Foundation course is required inorder to progress onto Metaphysical Counsellor or Facilitator training.

However at this stage we just recommend starting with the Foundation course and see how it resonates for you....





Unlocking the Door to The Limitless Self
True consciousness explained. Understanding the higher self and the ego.  
The art of inner listening. Meditation - the various methods.


Letting the Divine Plan of Your Life Unfold
You are important to Life. Your contribution to the Universal Purpose. 
Understand the Spiritual Path and help make sense of your journey.


Overview of Metaphysics
What is Metaphysics? An introduction to the Power of Thought, Universal Laws
and understanding the Universal Power.


Understanding the Universal Laws & Principals
What is our Spiritual Nature?  Understanding how the Universal Mind works, the way the human mind works and how to use them constructively.


Coping with Change & Developing Confidence
Finding out about how to cope with the challenges of change.
Developing True Confidence

Overcoming Fear & Growing Trust
Understand what fear is and what it isn't. Learn ways to overcome fear and take action.
Grow true trust and cast out fear.


Understanding Duality

Understand the myth of evil and the mis-use of the Law. 
Explore your True nature and the True nature of the Universe


Healing the Conflict Within

Rooting out hidden resentments, giving up grudges.
Understanding blame & moving beyond it.


Embracing the Rejected Self with Compassion

Become aware of our own inner conflicts and transform our reactions to those people who press our buttons.  Understand our Shadow Self and
learn how to accept ourselves with love and compassion.



Becoming Empowered by Releasing Blame

 Root out resentments and find ways to transform grudges. Learn powerful methods to re-empower yourself  and stay in awareness of the Truth


From Betrayal to Trust & Finding a Meaning in What Appears to go Wrong
Discover what happens from a Spiritual perspective, when things appear to go wrong.
And learn how to move beyond betrayal to trust.


Cultivating a Generous Heart & Letting Love Live your Life
Love - the Master Key. Mastering  Generosity vs. Bargaining.
 How to feel the joy of Love and its profound effects.


Unfolding the Sacred Self

Understand the path of our Spiritual unfoldment.
Learn the principles of Divine Guidance and how to use them consistently.


Accessing the Healing Consciousness

Access and develop your healing consciousness.
Understand versatile healing techniques and statements of Truth to get results.


Body & the World of Effects (part 1)

Discover the Metaphysical interpretation of the body and
gain a scientific perspective on this form world


Body & the World of Effects (part 2)

Explore the True Nature of dis-ease, how we experience stress and ill health.
And ways to improve our well-being


Supply & Abundance

Understand the role of Consciousness on supply & abundance.
Identify and go beyond limiting patterns and beliefs.


Reclaiming Inner Security

Identify the patterns that have been running your life. Understand the root cause of many challenges you have faced. Why you have reacted and what you can do about it.
Discover how to reclaim your sense of inner safety and well-being.


Reclaiming Innocence

Understand the role of resistance and wishful thinking, how they can keep us stuck.
Unlock yourself from these patterns, set yourself free, to be your True Self again.
Gain insights into the Soul Lessons that life has been inviting you to learn.


Taking Action – Reclaiming Inner Peace

Learn powerful techniques to reclaim inner peace.
Discover an immutable Universal Law, learn what True Love is and how to love our neighbours.


Taking Action – Reclaiming Inner Power

We explore family dynamics and the soul lessons they are here to teach us.
Handling difficult people and reclaiming power in several ways.


Reclaiming Peace - Coping with Setbacks on the Spiritual Path

Coping with setbacks from a Spiritual perspective, understanding the deeper lessons from loss.
Handling & transcending challenging times with compassion.


Living in Balance – Love, Relationships & Forgiveness

Understand the deeper purpose of relationships and the different types of love.
Gain insight into ways to get along with others and still be true to yourself.
Explore the role of true helping and how love is the fulfilling of Universal Law. 


Living from Source

The journey back to Source/our True Self
Ways to live more in harmony with Life in Joy, Grace, Peace, Love & Kindness.




As you can see this course is a grounded education in a wide range of empowering Metaphysical topics.

After completing this course you will never see your life or problems from the same perspective
You will be better equipped to handle your Spiritual journey and life's ups & downs!




Learn from the comfort of your home or work space - our online learning system is easy...




How The Course Works...



  • The Foundation course is fully online and hosted on an easy-to-navigate private learning system.

  • The course content is split into manageable segments, with each class focussing on different topics each week.

  • We designed the training so that you can conveniently fit learning these wonderful topics around your weekly schedule. The course site is open 24/7 so you can watch, read or listen to the content and participate in class discussions at times that suit you during the week.

  • NB. This is not one of those large, impersonal, online courses - your understanding matters to us.

    you will get individual attention from a course mentor and within the course there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions, gain feedback and explore these principles in depth. We encourage a friendly, supportive atmosphere so you build rapport with your fellow classmates.

  • Regular Q&A sessions will be hosted by your course tutors, who are experienced MSEC Metaphysical teachers. These webinars take place fortnightly during term time, usually hosted on a weekday evening 7pm UK time (BST/GMT), however times may vary depending on the time zones of participants

  • If for any reason you are unable to attend a Q&A session, you can submit your questions beforehand and the webinar recordings will be posted in the online classroom, so you can watch later or study from wherever you are in the world

  • Please be aware that this is a pro-active training programme, not just a course to download & stay on your hard drive.

    In order to experience transformation in some of the key areas that matter to you, you need to be willing to participate on a regular basis and we will support you in that journey.

  • To ensure that the training is 'bite sized' & achievable for most people, the information is paced, so you don't get overwhemed and its easy to keep up. This also means that you have the time & opportunities to apply this new knowledge to your life and start seeing results.

  • This MSEC Foundation is split into 24 topics taught over approximately 9 months.

If you are away or unable to attend training for a particular week, just inform your course mentor and they will make arrangements to assist you.

  • The course contains weekly reflective exercises, related to the different topics, these have been carefully designed to help you integrate this understanding and gain new insights into your life. And you get individual feedback from your course tutor.

Plus as this is an accredited training course, these exercises also build into a portfolio of evidence by the end of the course, should you wish to gain the certification of completion.


Please note this certificate is required if you wished to continue onto the optional Practitioner training if you wished to work professionally as a Metaphysical Counsellor.



Quotes from a previous participants

"The structure of the course has been well organised, each topic following on nicely from the previous one.
Useful exercises, meditations, videos and articles. Tutor support all the way."





“Since I embarked in the study of Metaphysics, I could have never imagined that I was starting one of the most exciting journeys of my life...the journey back to myself. I came to Metaphysics as a deeply resentful, angry, frustrated person that had no friends and a marriage that was going to sink.  Today, after the Foundation Course and the Practitioner course, I am a person with new and restored relationships, I have friends, I have a lovely marriage, I know my children love me and I have a new career. I am less reactive, less judgmental, more loving and forgiving. Today, I have found the purpose of my life. And all that has been thank you to this course. There are no words to express my gratitude.


“The foundation course is a lot of fun and will truly help anyone that seeks a better way in life to finally understand the true cause of all their upsets and the true solution to undoing them. This isn’t about giving away your control, it’s about reclaiming it and recognising that you are the author of your own script and that you get to choose your experience no matter what may appear to be occurring on the ‘outside’."


“Metaphysics was like a light had been shone on my very muddled and hectic life.
Very quickly I felt like a weight was being lifted and by the end I felt I had a far better understanding of my own self and
how my reactions to certain issues in my life had help to create my muddle.”


"The online course is wonderful, packed full with meaningful and helpful content and delivered in a manageable way to fit around your schedule. The highlight for me is the camaraderie that is developed amongst your fellow course mates that is something to be cherished as we witness each other’s subtle and profound changes over the course timeline. You will learn new tools and techniques that will give you plenty of “aha” moments.

Keep an open mind, be willing to question everything you thought was ‘true’ about you, be willing to be ‘wrong’ and be willing to believe you're worth it and that you deserve to be happy!
Go for it!”



“I would recommend every bit of the School of Metaphysics….”  






“One of the most transformational courses you can come across....
you will never see life or others from the same perspective you had before...things that used to upset you now don't....

This course is the best gift you can give to yourself."










        What previous participants have said about 

          the online training:



"I'm no IT wizard, so if I can do it........... anyone can!"


"I usually attend workshops, but I gained more from studying online than I ever expected.
The frequent, regular immersion in these teachings, has really helped me integrate these principles into my life."




NB. Even participants who have studied other spiritual growth or personal development topics before, have been amazed at how much they  have learnt, how the course exceeded their expectations & how many new insights and integrations they gained.



"A life-changing course, ideal for those who want more peace in their life or to understand why our fellow humans behave the way they do"

"Stimulating and life-enhancing"


“This course reaches the parts, other teachings don't get to!”


Just imagine where you will be and how you will feel, next year with the advantage of this foundation of understanding?


Our Team

Meet some of our Foundation Course teachers

Wendy Loudon

Foundation Course Manager
Metaphysical Counsellor,
Teacher & Facilitator

Mei Flynn

Course Teacher
Metaphysical Counsellor & Facilitator

Adela Fontova

Course Teacher
Metaphysical Counsellor & Facilitator

Luca Occelli

Course Teacher,
Metaphysical Counsellor & Facilitato

Jackie Campbell

Course Teacher
Metaphysical Counsellor & Facilitator



Please Note: This Course Cannot Help You  If....



  • You're looking for the next "magical pill" to manifest a perfect life
  • You're not open to new ideas or willing to put in effort to learn the principles and start applying them
  • Or if you want lots of circumstances & other people to change, but you aren't open to change within yourself

However This Course Would Be Helpful If....


  • You're fed up with never ending cycles of drama, blame & struggle
  • If you want to feel better about your relationships but don't know where to begin
  • You're stuck and feel overwhelmed by all the different information, ideas and techniques out there
  • If you feel full of enthusiasm after attending a workshop or watching a self-help video but that enthusiasm quickly subsides, when you try to apply that knowledge to your life, your issues and your relationships
  • If you feel alone with these challenges and would appreciate some guidance and support or a place to ask questions
  • If you appreciate a clear plan to follow so you can stay focused and start seeing results
  • If you are interested in understanding the hidden dynamics of life more deeply,then perhaps becoming a Metaphysical Counsellor and empowering others
  • If you're serious about building a more peaceful life and willing to set aside a few hours each week to contribute to the forums and complete the course tasks.


If this feels like what you've been waiting for and you feel ready to take action?
Then you are most welcome to join us.

















Registrations for our September intake have just opened 



Our Registration Process - How It Works


By joining our trainings we understand that you are investing in your future.
So it is important to ensure that what we offer resonates for you and we are a good fit to work together.


Before enrolling on the course -


Please see click the link below & book a time to speak with one of the course tutors.

This is a no-obligation, no-sales, fact finding call 
We want you to be clear about what we do and know that its the best next step for you
So our focus will be to answer any course questions you may have.
We can walk you through the training programmes, show you inside.
Help you feel clear about the options, how it works, what we do, what to expect etc.
And if you wanted to progress to Counsellor training, how that works too and career options there.

After the appointment, if you still wish to go ahead
The tutor will provide you with a special link where you can register for the September training
And there are various payment options, 9 installments, 4 installments & discounted single pay too
So please click the link below book a time to speak with us
You have so much to gain and absolutely nothing to loose
Arrange a time to speak with us soon


Reserve your place now


No obligation & no deposit required


Thank you

Major credit/debit cards accepted or PayPal



(A) 9 Installment Plan

Total price for the whole course is £3395
This requires the first payment of £795 upon registration and then 8 x monthly installments of £325. 


(B) 4 Installment Plan
Total price is £3195 (saving £200 on full course rate)
This option requires the first payment of £795 upon registration and 3 x monthly installments of £800. 


(C) Early Bird Rate
One off payment of £2995 (saving £400 on full course rate)




What's Included?


  • A comprehensive 24 part online Foundation training programme, proven training & framework.

  • Course begins Saturday 24th September 2022, through till 2nd May 2023
    (24 weekly topics, including 4 study breaks)

  • Access to a private online membership site with video, audio & pdf notes.

  • 12 live training webinars with your course tutors, MSEC qualified Metaphysics Teachers

  • Replays posted in course site within  24 hours

  • Weekly Q &A class forum discussions to deepen understanding of the 24 topics

  • Individual feedback on homestudy/ reflective exercises

  • 3 x 30min individual meetings with a course mentor to check-in on progress and support your understanding/ integration of this material

  • Support in completing the portfolio of evidence (if you are working towards the Foundation or Practitioner qualification)

  • MSEC Foundation Certificate on completion of all course requirements

  • Private Online Cafe Forums for informal discussions with fellow classmates







If this transformative training awakens your interest?
And you wish to
work professionally with others as a Holistic/Spiritual Counsellor

This Foundation course can lead onto Practitioner training in Autumn 2023 and an MSEC qualification as a Metaphysical Counsellor or Facilitator         


Full training route recognised by
Metaphysical Society for the Expansion of Consciousness (MSEC)

This is a BRCP Approved training course and once qualified successful Practitioners have the opportunity to join the British Register of Complementary Practitioners  (BRCP)

Practitioner Training for more detailed information



Frequently Asked Questions



Exactly What Is Metaphysics?
Why is it so useful to understand?

At the back of all creation there is one Universal Power, which is our True Nature. This energy works through set laws and principles. When we are at one with this power, life flows, we are supported by the Universe, there is ease, harmony, love and a sense of wellbeing. We feel 'at home' within ourself, engaged WITH life and its easier to interact more confidently with others. Happiness, inner peace and joy are the natural side effects of this connection.

However when we feel out of allign with this power, we feel separate, alone, conflicted within ourself and disconnected from others. Life feels against us. When this happens we unwittingly create further conflict, drama, confusion and struggle, relationships become more challenging and life feels an uphill struggle.


Metaphysically we work on 3 levels:

1.  Deepening your sense of connection with that one Universal Power, so you learn how to stay connected for longer.

2. We explain the laws and principles, so you have a clear understanding of the hidden dynamics and how it works.

3. We show you how to unhook from patterns, unravel false beliefs and conflicts which have held you back and keep pulling you away from your True Nature. i.e. we empower you, to empower yourself



What is different about your approach?


It's not just theory and it's not just "spiritual loveliness" at the mind and spirit level.
This training is GROUNDED IN DAY TO DAY LIFE and day to day experiences. We help you see yourself and your life experiences from a fresh perspective.


This training deals with the ways we interact with life, not just about developing more peace within ourself, the Universe and with those nearest and dearest to us, but also about learning lessons from
- The people who ‘press our buttons’
- The issues that still frustrate us
- The people who still have the power to upset us
- The patterns we can't get beyond
- And the areas where we keep tripping ourself up - despite our understanding and efforts.

It really is about re-awakening our ability to Love Life again… even if we’re not perfect :)

This is also an eclectic approach, so you are introduced to many different teachings and philospohies, each with their own merit.

Also as wonderful as some Spiritual teachings are, they don't always help us make that leap and explain how we can apply THEIR principles to OUR life, with OUR past, OUR situation and OUR struggles.


This is where Metaphysics training can be a great help (especially if you have been studying alone for a while). And where support from a group and individual attention from course mentors and an experienced tutor can help fill in any gaps in understanding.


Also the Metaphysics we teach here, is a unique Holistic Counselling therapy, with a psychological/spiritual approach to problems. It helps people understand and unravel the false beliefs which block their inner peace. And shows empowering ways to meet and resolve challenges. (We cover this in the year 2 Practitioner course)


Plus this is not a large impersonal online training course, we deliberately keep classes to a manageable size, so you get to know your classmates, you can develop friendships within the group and you get personal attention from the tutor & support team.

To us you are an individual and your progress matters - this style of approach is becoming extremely rare.

How can it help me? Will Metaphysics Change my Life?


Some people find their lives are fundamentally changed by studying these courses.


However for most people the biggest gift they gain, is that it transforms the way they view life. Issues which previously would have affected them, they are now at peace with. They feel less fearful and experience a quiet inner confidence in the way they approach life.


A Recent Practitioner Student said
"I can't find anything in the world that can be so down to earth as the study of Metaphysics.

There is no other subject that teaches you-
why you feel stuck in life,
why you keep repeating the same patterns,
why you keep attracting the same relationships,
why your life is a mess!
But, not only explains why...but most importantly....
HOW to solve these issues so you can become a more fulfilled, happy and joyous person. If only Metaphysics was taught in schools from elementary all the way to College. AF, Cork, Ireland



Who are these courses ideal for?


The Foundation course is suitable for anyone keen to understand the hidden dynamics behind life and relationships. Especially if you are fed up with dramas and struggles, and want to transform the way you feel about yourself, your relationship to others, life, love and the Universe.

A Past Practitioner said
"Its a great grounding for life and I can't imagine how I would've coped with all the recent challenges I've faced, without this understanding" 
RL. London


The optional Practitioner Training,
is particularly suited to therapists or complementary practitioners, wishing to expand the range of therapies they offer to their clients. However that course is only open to people who have first completed this Foundation training. Some people continue on to this 2nd year course for their own personal growth and understanding, others use the skills they gain in their current work role and some use this training and the qualification as a stepping stone to a new career, offering Holistic Counselling services to the general public. The choice is yours and there is no need to make up your mind until the end of the Foundation course.


Is the course complete or do I need anything more?
The course is complete within itself and full course notes are provided. There are 3 course books which accompany the training, which you would need to purchase (full details will be given, once the course starts)

Apart from that there is nothing else you need to purchase, however we understand that some people may want to deepen their experience and use the course as a framework to help them work through some personal issues and so additional private counselling sessions are available (if required).


What if I decide this is not for me?

We offer a 14 day money back guarantee. After that we don't offer refunds. However if you actively participate in the course for 30 days and decide its not for you, let us know, speak with your course mentor and we will cancel any future installments or return the unused proportion if you took advantage of the early bird rate.


We want you to be happy with the training and get the most from it, so if you have any questions about whether it would be a good fit for you, feel free to reach out to us either email or follow the link at the bottom of the page to schedule a time to speak with one of our team. We are happy to help you decide if its right for you.

Do I need to be sorted in my life before I start this training?
Certainly not, if we all waited for that, nothing would ever happen and we certainly wouldn't be practicing. No the challenges we currently face, are good fuel for the course, bring them along, we can work with them. This is how everyone learns the techniques and what works best for certain situations. Also you will soon discover that you are not alone with these challenges, everyone has some too.


However what we do suggest is that you are in a relatively settled phase in your life e.g. you're not deeply affected by major trauma or life changes. It is simply because these are training courses, where we need to cover the curriculum and meet the needs of the whole class. So if you personally felt in a very unsettled space, it might be wisest to get your needs met first with some individual attention, such as Metaphysical counselling before you study the course. 


A Recent Foundation Student said...


"I would recommend every bit of the School of Metaphysics.  
I really did not know what to expect when I started the training but nothing could have prepared me for the most positive life changing event.
If you want to go on and practice professionally as the old saying goes 'A Healer can't be a Healer until they have Healed themselves'.  
If you are already looking at the course that means its your path and you are ready.  Even if you don't go on and practice, your life, inner peace and all your relationships will be so much more positive.  The course tutors are wonderfully supportive and nothing is too much trouble.  
So don't hesitate sign up!"


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