Wake Up to Life!

Start letting go of drama & struggle - at home, at work & within yourself

Reconnect with your True Self &

Reclaim a life that feels truer, more peaceful and authentic

How would your life be different if you

  • were less affected by problems;
  • understood the deeper purpose of relationships;
  • felt more confidence, peace, love and joy?


Do you want to know how to

  • bring yourself back to peace;
  • cope better with change;
  • handle resistance more easily;
  • fall in love with your life?

Learn with us and develop a whole different perspective on life:

Gain a clearer appreciation of the hidden dynamics behind life events and why they happen.

Feel better equiped to handle relationship challenges and know what to do


Discover skills & talents you overlooked years ago.

Uncover your inner confidence and become more empowered in your choices and decisions.


We cover the essential information that most participants wish they had known years ago.

Join us and discover...

  • Fresh insights and awareness about how to make your life easier;
  • Learn new empowering tools and techniques;
  • Have a deeper understanding of why relationship dramas happen and the life lessons they can teach us;
  • Gain more freedom and ease within relationships at home or at work;
  • Discover how to love, accept and appreciate yourself more;
  • Reclaim a more authentic sense of who you truly are and make constructive steps towards loving life again...

Breakthroughs from previous participants:

“One of the most transformational courses you can come across....
you will never see life or others from the same perspective you had before...
things that used to upset you now don't....

This course is the best gift you can give to yourself."


MSEC Metaphysics Foundation Training

This is where we focus on deepening our own personal understanding and clarifying the need-to-know topics.
The MSEC Foundation Course consists of 24 topics which skillfully weave together to help you gain insights and AHA moments which transform the way you see yourself, life, love & the Universe


Foundation course can be studied for your own personal growth & interest or if you wish you can continue on to professional counsellor or facilitator qualifications in year 2. Others just start with the Foundation training and see how they progress.

The choice is yours...

Overview of Topics Covered

Metaphysics means 'beyond the physical'

i.e. developing the ability to identify whats before our eyes and then see beyond it to a deeper reality.


Developing the skills and abilities to be able to see beyond the blocks & issues we face, to understand what is happening & why.

Understand how the Universe really works, so that you know how to align and work WITH the Universal laws & principles


Then most importantly understand what YOU CAN DO to get unstuck & transform the way you see and interact with those around you.


  • Understand the bigger picture/spiritual perspective and whats happening at a soul awakening level.
  • Discover the deeper causation & hidden dynamics behind what's going on with challenging issues.
  • Learn how to transform upset into more insight & inner peace.
  • Know how to move beyond limited thinking & unconscious patterns, develop confidence in using empowering tools and practical skills.
  • Use your intuitive skills & feel more resourceful & effective.
  • Understand how to stay centered and calm. When to intervene, when to stay quiet and how to support yourself & others spiritually.
  • Discover what YOU CAN DO that will make a tangible difference to your own life and the lives of others!


This is an empowering & enlightening overview of Metaphysics and step-by-step process.

which raises awareness of the main areas of misunderstanding and the ways that we unwittingly create conflict and struggle in our lives. It also explains some of the solutions we can readily apply, to ease the situation. 


We then get to the 'nitty- gritty' of explaining how and why Metaphysics works, so you see it in action for yourself

We explore the nature of reality and focus on mastering a versatile healing technique which can be used to enhance wellbeing for yourself and others.


Yet theory doesn't matter unless, we know how to APPLY IT to make a difference.

So we need to understand how to Live the Principles, Live in Alignment with our True Nature.


So we also concentrate on applying the knowledge gained, to the issues you currently face.


We aim to empower you with useful & effective skills, tools and practices which enable you to feel more in harmony with life and embody a more Holistic/Spiritual way of being.



This is an empowering and enlightening course,
which has the ability to forever transform the way you view
yourself, your life, love & the Universe.


Click here for Foundation course syllabus >>


Previous participants say:

  •  "This course has been absolutely life-changing ! I have always been spiritual and felt I had a really good understanding of metaphysics, yet the breakthroughs and insights I have had as a result of this experience have been profoundly impactful" (TB – UK).
  • "This course has enabled me to cement everything I have thought and believed into one place. Instead of feeling scattered and jumping from one discipline to another, I am able to say to myself “metaphysics has it all” and to stop looking further for answers". (GH – South Africa).
  • "I am not sure where to start on how much this course has benefitted me. I have had some amazing shifts throughout this course and especially my relationships with others and myself have improved considerably. I love how every topic was mysteriously and magically aligned with where a lot of us where in our personal lives". (KH – UK).
  • "I can say that since I started this course that I have gained awareness that is helping me to navigate life and whatever comes up for me from a much more grounded, authentic place. I like how the course is laid out brilliantly, where it takes us inwards in a very gentle, consistent and deeper motion". (WM – Turkey).
  • "The structure of the course has been well organised, each topic following on nicely from the previous one.
    Useful exercises, meditations, videos and articles. Tutor support all the way."

Join us to find out more...

How The Course Works

  • The Foundation course is fully online and hosted on an easy-to-navigate private learning system.

  • The course content is split into manageable segments, with each class focussing on different topics each week.

  • We designed the training so that you can conveniently fit learning these wonderful topics around your weekly schedule. The course site is open 24/7 so you can watch, read or listen to the content and participate in class discussions at times that suit you during the week.

  • NB. This is not one of those large, impersonal, online courses - your understanding matters to us.

    you will get individual attention from a course mentor and within the course there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions, gain feedback and explore these principles in depth. We encourage a friendly, supportive atmosphere so you build rapport with your fellow classmates.

  • Regular Q&A sessions will be hosted by your course tutors, who are experienced MSEC Metaphysical teachers. These webinars take place fortnightly during term time, usually hosted on a weekday evening 7pm UK time (BST/GMT), however times may vary depending on the time zones of participants

  • If for any reason you are unable to attend a Q&A session, you can submit your questions beforehand and the webinar recordings will be posted in the online classroom, so you can watch later or study from wherever you are in the world

  • If you are away or unable to attend training for a particular week, just inform your course mentor and they will make arrangements to assist you.
  • The course contains weekly reflective exercises, related to the different topics, these have been carefully designed to help you integrate this understanding and gain new insights into your life. And you get individual feedback from your course tutor.
  • Plus as this is an accredited training course, these exercises also build into a portfolio of evidence by the end of the course, should you wish to gain the certification of completion.


    Please note this Foundation certificate is required if you wished to continue onto the optional Practitioner training if you wished to work professionally as a Metaphysical Counsellor.


  • Please be aware that this is a pro-active training programme, not just a course to download & stay on your hard drive.
    In order to experience transformation in some of the key areas that matter to you, you need to be willing to participate on a regular basis and we will support you in that journey.

  • To ensure that the training is 'bite sized' & achievable for most people, the information is paced, so you don't get overwhemed and its easy to keep up. This also means that you have the time & opportunities to apply this new knowledge to your life and start seeing results.

  • This MSEC Foundation is split into 24 topics taught over approximately 9 months.


Just imagine where you will be and how you will feel in 9 months time,
equipped with this transformational foundation of understanding?


What previous participants said about the online training:

"I'm no IT wizard, so if I can do it........... anyone can!"


"I usually attend workshops, but I gained more from studying online than I ever expected.
The frequent, regular immersion in these teachings, has really helped me integrate these principles into my life."




What's Included?


  • A comprehensive 24 part online Foundation training programme, proven training & framework.

  • Course begins 21st January 2023
    (24 weekly topics, including 4 study breaks)

  • Access to a private online membership site with video, audio & pdf notes.

  • 12 live training webinars with your course tutors, MSEC qualified Metaphysics Teachers

  • Replays posted in course site within  24 hours

  • Weekly Q &A class forum discussions to deepen understanding of the 24 topics - no questions go unanswered!

  • Individual feedback on homestudy/ reflective exercises

  • 3 x 30min individual meetings with a course mentor to check-in on progress and support your understanding/ integration of this material

  • Support in completing the portfolio of evidence (if you are working towards the Foundation or Practitioner qualification)

  • MSEC Foundation Certificate on completion of all course requirements

  • Private Online Cafe Forums for informal discussions with fellow classmates


Course Rates


Major credit/debit cards accepted or PayPal



(A) 9 Installment Plan

Total price for the whole course is £3395
This requires the first payment of £795 upon registration and then 8 x monthly installments of £325. 


(B) 4 Installment Plan
Total price is £3195 (saving £200 on full course rate)
This option requires the first payment of £795 upon registration and 3 x monthly installments of £800. 


(C) Early Bird Rate
One off payment of £2995 (saving £400 on full course rate)
(if you register before 21st December)







If this training awakens your interest and you wish to explore Metaphysics further (for yourself or to share these ideas with others). This MSEC Foundation course, can lead onto further transformative personal growth or even professional qualification as a Holistic Counsellor or Facilitator. See below...

OPTIONAL - Year 2  - MSEC Metaphysical Practitioner Training Course  

Only open to graduates of the MSEC Foundation course, here we take the principles and practice already learnt and transpose it to a Holistic Counselling setting, so you can assist others.
Metaphysical Counselling is an holistic-approach therapy based on spiritual principles.
When we are out of alignment with our True Self we experience conflict and difficulties.

Clients seek counselling when they feel stuck by a problem. Yet no two individuals are the same, they are all at different stages of understanding, all have different histories,  different levels of distress, emotion and spiritual awareness.

What's different about the Metaphysical approach is that you are trained in a wide range of versatile methods and techniques, so you are able to be flexible and adapt the counselling sessions to the needs of each individual client.

For example
  • If a person has no spiritual beliefs and feels stuck in life - there are methods which can help bring more ease and flow
  • If the individual feels unable to get past grief or loss - there are various approaches which can assist when coping with change.
  • If the client is open to spiritual ideas, yet feels frustrated by a repeating pattern - there are tools to unlock the pattern.
  • If someone is struggling with a conflict at work or with a family member - there are techniques to uncover the root causes, reveal the life lessons and also tools to assist in bringing about a more peaceful resolution

Metaphysical Counselling is a very versatile approach
it can be used to re-empower a client on a wide range of issues and
steadily guide them  (at their own pace) back towards their True Self.

The result is - they have deeper understanding of life's ups and downs, they feel more aligned within themselves and with life, thereby experiencing a greater sense of wholeness and peace

The course and all tutors are experienced counsellors & recognised by the Metaphysical Society for the Expansion of Consciousness (MSEC) and the British Register of Complementary Practitioners (BRCP)

Successful Practitioners are able to set up in private practice and offer Holistic Counselling services to the public.

Find Out More >>


Recent participants have been amazed at how much they have learnt, how the courses exceeded their expectations and how many new insights they gained.

One person remarked “I experienced more peace in the last 3 weeks of this course, than with years of psychotherapy!”.

NB. Even participants who have studied other spiritual growth or personal development topics before, have been amazed at how much they have learnt, how it filled in gaps in understanding, how the course exceeded their expectations and how many new insights they gained.

"A life-changing course, ideal for those who want more peace in their life or to understand why our fellow humans behave the way they do"

“This course reaches the parts, other trainings don't get to!”



Follow on Practitioner training scheduled for Autumn 2023



Quotes from Previous Participants


"The Course material has been put together very well, each topic following on nicely from the previous one. Useful exercises, meditations and articles. Tutor support all the way."

"So glad I have taken this course. The subjects were in-depth and thought provoking. Each topic has been an eye-opener and has changed my understanding in a positive and beautiful way of who we really are. At times I have had to adjust my original way of thinking and this has been challenging but it all makes sense to me and I now understand what it is I have been searching for all my life; I now feel I am truly on the right spiritual path."


"This course has been a journey, the most important journey that I have ever taken, the journey to My Self. It has been done in such a subtle and gentle way that I am still amazed."

"One of the most transformational courses you can come across...."


"The best course I have EVER studied.... and I've done a lot!!!"


Join us and find out why...




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The next course starts on 21st January 2023

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