Exactly What Is Metaphysics?
Why is it So Useful to Understand?

The definition of Metaphysics is Meta = beyond
so Metaphysics = Beyond the Physical
So why does that matter?


It matters because, at the back of all creation there is one Universal Power, which is our True Nature. This energy works through set laws and principles. When we are at one with this power, life flows, we are supported by the Universe, there is ease, harmony, love and a sense of wellbeing. We feel 'at home' within ourself, engaged WITH life and its easier to interact more confidently with others. Happiness, inner peace and joy are the natural side effects of this connection.

However when we feel out of allign with this power, we feel separate, alone, conflicted within ourself and disconnected from others. Life feels against us. When this happens we unwittingly create further conflict, drama, confusion and struggle, relationships become more challenging and life feels an uphill struggle.


Metaphysically we work on 3 levels
1. Deepening your sense of connection with that one Universal Power, so you learn how to stay connected for longer.
2. We explain the laws and principles, so you have a clear understanding of the hidden dynamics and how it works.

3. We show you how to unhook from the patterns, unravel the false beliefs and conflicts which have held you back and keep pulling you away from your True Nature.
i.e. we empower you, to empower yourself



What is Different About Our Approach?

It's not just theory and it's not just feeding the mind or spirit.
This training is GROUNDED IN DAY TO DAY LIFE and day to day experiences. We help you see yourself and your life experiences from a fresh perspective.


This training deals with the ways we interact with life, not just about developing more peace within ourself, the Universe and with those nearest and dearest to us, but also about learning lessons from
- The people who ‘press our buttons’
- The issues that still frustrate us
- The people who still have the power to upset us
- The patterns we can't get beyond
- And the areas where we keep tripping ourself up - despite our understanding and efforts.

It really is about re-awakening our ability to Love Life again… even if we’re not perfect  ;)

This is also an eclectic approach, so you are introduced to many different teachings and philospohies, each with their own merit. Also as wonderful as some Spiritual teachings are, they don't always help us make that leap and explain how we can apply THEIR principles to OUR life, with OUR past, OUR situation and OUR struggles. This is where Metaphysics training can be a great help (especially if you have been studying alone for a while). And where support from a group and individual attention from an experienced tutor can help fill in any gaps in understanding.


Also the Metaphysics we teach here, is a unique Holistic Counselling therapy, with a psychological/spiritual approach to problems. It helps people understand and unravel the false beliefs which block their inner peace. And shows empowering ways to meet and resolve challenges. (We cover this in the year 2 Practitioner course)


Plus this is not a large impersonal online training course, we deliberately keep classes to a manageable size, so you get to know your classmates, you can develop friendships within the group and you get personal attention from the tutor. To us you are an individual and your progress matters - this style of approach is becoming extremely rare.

How Can it Help ME? Will Metaphysics Change my Life?

Some people find their lives are fundamentally changed by studying these courses. However for most people the biggest gift they gain, is that it transforms the way they view life. Issues which previously would have affected them, they are now at peace with. They feel less fearful and experience a quiet inner confidence in the way they approach life.


A Recent Practitioner Student said
 "When one hears the word Metaphysics, one might straight away judge it as "out there away with the fairies", "this is for people that have nothing else to do in their lives", "this is for weirdos"...however,
I can't find anything in the world that can be so down to earth as the study of Metaphysics.

There is no other subject that teaches you-
why you feel stuck in life,
why you keep repeating the same patterns,
why you keep attracting the same relationships,
why your life is a mess!
But, not only explains why...but most importantly....

HOW to solve these issues so you can become a more fulfilled, happy and joyous person.
If only Metaphysics was taught in schools from elementary all the way to College."
AF, Cork, Ireland


Who Are These Courses Ideal For?

The Foundation course is suitable for anyone keen to understand the hidden dynamics behind life and relationships. Especially if you are fed up with dramas and struggles, and want to transform the way you feel about yourself, your relationship to others, life, love and the Universe.

A Past Practitioner said
"Its a great grounding for life and I can't imagine how I would've coped with all the recent challenges I've faced, without this understanding" 
RL. London


The optional year 2 Practitioner Course, is particularly suited to therapists or complementary practitioners, wishing to expand the range of therapies they offer to their clients. However the course is open to anyone who completes the Foundation training.


Some people continue on to year 2 for their own personal growth and understanding, others use the skills they gain in their current work role and some use this training and the qualification as a stepping stone to a new career, offering Holistic Counselling services to the general public. The choice is yours and there is no need to make up your mind until the end of the Foundation course.



A Recent Foundation Student said

"I would recommend every bit of the School of Metaphysics.  
I really did not know what to expect when I started the Modules but nothing could have prepared me for the most positive life changing event.
If you want to go on and practice professionally as the old saying goes 'A Healer can't be a Healer until they have Healed themselves'.  
If you are already looking at the course that means its your path and you are ready.  Even if you don't go on and practice, your life, inner peace and all your relationships will be so much more positive.  The course tutors are wonderfully supportive and nothing is too much trouble.   So don't hesitate sign up!"

ES, a keen current student


Does It Work for Everyone?

It CAN work for anyone, if understood and used correctly.

What we offer here are a wide range of techniques that work, which are tried, tested and effective. If they aren't effective we don't use them. However what differs is, each individual's readiness to take on board these lessons and practice the techniques.

Obviously some methods are more suited to some individuals rather than others, and some techniques work better earlier in our Spiritual journey and some work better later on. So this is the value of having such a broad approach and a variety of philosophies, because everyone can find something that resonates and 'speaks to them'.

Whilst we are about it, this is one of the skills we teach Metaphysical Practitioners. They need to be well versed in a wide range of counselling techniques and be able to suggest the most appropriate technique for their client, depending on the client's level of awareness and the type of problem faced. So it is interesting training.

Do I Need to Be Sorted in My Life Before I Start This Training?

Certainly not, if we all waited for that, nothing would ever happen and we certainly wouldn't be practicing. No the challenges we currently face, are good fuel for the course, bring them along, we can work with them. This is how everyone learns the techniques and what works best for certain situations. Also you will soon discover that you are not alone with these challenges, everyone has some too.


However what we do suggest is that you are in a relatively settled phase in your life e.g. you're not deeply affected by major trauma or life changes. It is simply because these are training courses, where we need to cover the curriculum and meet the needs of the whole class.


So if you personally felt in a very unsettled space, it might be wisest to get your needs met with some individual attention, such as Metaphysical counselling before you study the course.  


The word Metaphysics sounds academic and technical - is it?
Also do I need any formal qualifications?

Yes you are right, the name Metaphysics does sound technical and academic, however we can reassure you that it isn't. 

No prior experience is required before embarking on any of our courses and no academic qualifications are needed, you just need basic English reading and writing skills. There are Metaphysical  Practitioners who have degrees and Phd.'s and others with dyslexia and plenty who have no formal qualifications at all.


NB. Remember Metaphysics goes beyond the mind and intellect.
The Spiritual Wisdom that is required for this type of work, is equally available to us all.
Qualities such as awareness, open mindedness, diligence, enthusiasm and a keenness to learn, are far more important.


Also we cover everything you need, as we go along the course. Plus course notes accompany each workshop and the tutor is there to answer any queries.


However, as most of the training is online, you will need basic computing skills. Such as the ability to type, use email, add attachments, search the internet, copy and paste etc. plus regular access to a reliable computer and internet access. Apart from a couple of books, all the rest is covered within the Foundation course.

How Does the Online Course Work in Practice?
Also as its an Interactive Course, What's Expected?


The Foundation course contains 24 topics, (covered over 9 months with breaks for Xmas, Easter, half terms etc.). so the pace is steady and the content is manageable as we focus on a different topic each week. 

Each Friday during term time, an email is sent out with details of that week’s activities. Over the next 10 days, everyone logs into the private course website to read the course notes/articles/ listen to audio or watch video clips or complete a reflective exercise and also to take part in online forum discussions/webinars with the rest of the group.


The Practitioner course works in a similar way although it also includes 8 full day counselling skills workshops, an exam and an opportunity to work with volunteer clients.

Do I Have to Be In the UK, or Can I Study from Anywhere?
With our online training there are no set log-in times and the course site is open 24/7, so you can study from wherever you are in the world and you can fit learning these wonderful topics around your weekly schedule.

After every 2 topics there is a
Q&A webinar which you are encouraged to attend especially if you wish to gain the qualification. We arrange these meetings to fit in with the group & their time zones. They are hosted on zoom & the replays are usually available within 24hours.


[Please note - insurance is required for all trainee Practitioners and also once qualified. If you are a therapist, it should be possible to add this to your existing policy or we can provide a list of insurers for the UK, Ireland, EU & some international countries.
If you live outside the UK, Ireland & EU, please check locally or contact us to see if complimentary therapist insurance is available in your country.


How Much Time Do I Need to Set Aside Each Week?

For the Foundation course we recommend everyone set aside approx. 3 hours anytime during the week to complete the activities. Also we give everyone 10 days to complete each topic, so if it's a busy week there is plenty of time to keep up.

For the Practitioner training if you work steadily through the year set aside approx 6 hours per week.



How Big are the Group Sizes?

Throughout the training, classes are small and friendly so you build rapport with the group and gain individual attention from an experienced, MSEC qualified Metaphysical Teacher. 

You get ample opportunity to ask questions and get involved with the course material.


Your understanding of the course material is important to us, so the tutor logs in at least 5 days per week to oversee the course, answer questions and facilitate the discussions. They also give individual feedback on all home study activities.


How Good do my Computing Skills Need to Be?

The course website is very straightforward and easy to use, it requires only basic computer skills to be able to take part.
You will need to access the internet through a browser and acess to Word (or similar) for saving your homestudy files & uploading them to the portfolios.

If needed we do provide tech guidance and support, especially in the early days.

We've had complete novices study with us and they have been surprised at how quickly the technical side of the course fades away, as you get more engrossed in the subject matter.

You can access the site from a PC or Mac computer,  from a tablet or smart phone.

Tell me more about the overall course structure.

In year 1 you cover the MSEC Foundation course i.e. the 24 topics which give a thorough grounding in the Metaphysical Principles and really helps integrate this understanding for yourself.


So that if/when you get around to assisting others professionally, you have a direct understanding of how and why it works, because you’ve already experienced first-hand the beneficial effects in your own life.

This course also contains some fundamental understanding that is not widely available elsewhere and is required before working Metaphysically with others in a professional capacity. So the Foundation course needs to be completed first before (if wished) moving on towards the Practitioner Course in year 2.

The indepth Practitioner training builds on the Foundation principles and focuses mainly on assisting others e.g. different ways to help people awaken to their True Nature depending on where they are in their Spiritual Awareness, and gaining competence with different tools and techniques.


As you’ve probably observed, people have different levels of readiness as they go along their Spiritual Path. The aim of this course is to equip you with a range of versatile tools and techniques to assist your clients. Successful completion results in a
professional Diploma qualification as an MSEC Metaphysical Counsellor and given correct insurance etc. you would then be able to offer Spiritual/Holistic Counselling services to the general public. This training route is recognised by the (MSEC) Metaphysical Society and BRCP (British Register of Complementary Practitioners).

One other matter to mention is that both the year 1 Foundation Course & year 2 Practitioner Training are fully online.
In year 2 Practitioner Training, in addition to main weekly topics the training includes 9 full day workshops for the practical Counselling Skills aspect of the course. These workshops are a great fun and a chance to meet up and practice with your online friends.

If you wish to gain the full counsellor Diploma and work professionally with clients as a Metaphysical Counsellor, then after completion of the online theory exam, there is the opportunity to apply your understanding and work with 4 practice clients for 6 sessions each.

This volunteer client section of the course IS FULLY SUPPORTED, by your individual course mentor. So you get feedback and develop confidence & skills as you go along.


All the evidence from your course work in the Foundation, Practitioner & Volunteer client sections of the trainings are included into 3 portfolios of evidence which are independently assessed by an MSEC Examiner before a certificate is issued.


With that MSEC Diploma Certficate you can get counsellor insurance and join the Metaphysical Society & the BRCP
And start working professionally with clients


A Recent Practitioner Student said

"I have gained so much knowledge since starting the foundation course and it's really helped me in all areas of life - health, financial, career and relationships.

The course is very well paced and you have enough time to complete the weekly activities and the assignments we complete are all relevant to our own lives.

The topics are so varied with a great selection of videos, audios and articles as well as the course notes, which help people with different styles of learning. The forum is also active which prevents the feelings of isolation that can be found with some online courses.

I live in Spain and travel a lot so the flexibility with studying online is fantastic. There is also a payment plan which takes away the financial pressure or you can benefit from the early bird special.

The foundation course has given me the opportunity to work on myself and understand how life works and I can see the benefits in my everyday life. The practitioner course has deepened my knowledge further and given me the confidence to work as a counsellor, to share my knowledge and help others with the techniques learnt.
This course has been invaluable" :)
MF, Spain

Looking to join?

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Follow on Practitioner training Spring 2024 - dates to be confirmed


NB. Online training is flexible – so if you are going on holiday or for any reason likely to be absent from the course for a week or more. Please advise your tutor, so that arrangements can be made either to complete the coursework before you leave or catch up on your return. The above schedule include breaks for Christmas, Easter, Summer and half terms

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