Metaphysical Foundation Training

Understand the journey of awakening and how the Universe REALLY works.
Bridge the gap between enlightening Spiritual ideas & down-to-earth practice.
Experience breakthroughs & insights.
Understand WHAT YOU CAN DO! to create tangible shifts.


Metaphysical Counsellor Training


An accredited comprehensive training programme equipping you with the skills, knowledge and 'know-how' to be able to help clients get unstuck,
shed light on troublesome issues and assist clients wherever they are on their Spiritual Path

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Clarity, Insights & Breakthroughs for Grounded Spiritual Living

Do YOU KNOW deep in your heart, that there is more to life than simply what you see?


Does your soul yearn to make a difference in this troubled world?

Would you LOVE to have the ability to help yourself (and others)
transform these challenging times into life-changing lessons?


To help transform doubts & emotions into new insights & ‘AHA’ moments?

And shift old limiting mindsets into empowering new perspectives?

In troubling times this is what YOU CAN DO !
Re-allign & learn empowering new skills to cope better with the current situation
and stay calmer in the face of life's storms.


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Who Are We?

Founded in 1998, the School is a team of dedicated MSEC qualified Metaphysical Counsellors & Teachers. We have all seen first hand in our own lives, how transformative and valuable an understanding of Metaphysics can be.

And nothing makes us happier than to share Metaphysics with fellow souls like yourself,
to help YOU gain fresh insights, understanding & find more inner peace.

We believe (& our students have seen it for themselves) that  -

If you understand the spiritual path better – you don't get ‘thrown-off-course’ so often.

If you understand the hidden dynamics – you feel better equipped to meet & transform whatever challenges you face.

If you feel more aligned within yourself -  you react less & respond more (which has ripple effects for yourself & those around you.)

If you know how to work PRO-ACTIVELY to bring about deeper insight & more peace – then doubt subsides, you feel more empowered & able to enjoy your soul's journey through this life



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