MSEC Metaphysics Practitioner Course - Year 2

  • A Spiritual/Holistic Counsellor skills training.
  • This course builds on the Foundation training in year 1 and focuses on the professional aspects of becoming a Metaphysical Practitioner.
  • Gain competence in a wide range of tools and techniques.
  • Feel empowered to help clients wherever they appear to be on their path. Particularly popular with therapists or people already working in a caring/helping role, as it adds a set of complimentary skills. Although anyone can join as full notes provided.

  • Part-time course can be studied either attendance only or part-online basis. Usually completed in a year.

  • Successful graduates receive a diploma and are qualified as an MSEC Metaphysical Practitioner i.e. able to offer Holistic Counselling services the public (recognised by MSEC and ICNM)

MSEC Metaphysical Practitioner Training Course  

Open to graduates of the MSEC Foundation course. In this course we take the principles and practice already learnt and transpose it to a Holistic Counselling setting.
Clients seek counselling when they are at different states and stages of understanding, different levels of distress and Spiritual Awareness. As therapists we need to develop a versatile range of skills. For example to be able to assess the client's current situation, diagnose the underlying causes and limiting beliefs, then adapt our counselling so that we meet the needs of each particular client. We then steadily guide them (at their own pace) towards a greater sense of wholeness, peace and understanding.  Practitioners need to demonstrate they understand the principles and can competently use a wide variety of methods and techniques.

 An Outline of the MSEC Practitioner Course Syllabus  

  • The Spiritual Practitioner's Toolkit
  • Healing through Awareness
  • The Fundamental Principles of Spiritual & Metaphysical Counselling
  • Becoming a more effective Practitioner
  • Tuning into Higher Wisdom
  • Practitioner's Casebook
  • Daily Spiritual Practice to Enhance the realisation of Oneness
  • The Problem always has a gift within it
  • Self Worth and the Approval Trap
  • Surrender VS Struggle
  • Understanding True Relationship
  • The Power of Prayer & Its Many Forms
  • When the Student is Ready the Teacher will appear.
  • Dealing with Clients at their Own Level of Awareness
  • Helping the client turn adversity into Opportunity
  • The Challenges of the Spiritual Path
  • The True Identity behind the Mask
  • Going beyond the script of the False Self
  • The Darkest Hour is just before Dawn
  • The 4 Levels of Forgiveness
  • Expressing Feelings and Needs
  • Embracing the Inner Critic
  • Meeting the disowned Selves
  • The Way of the Mystic
  • Setting up Your Practice and much, much more

Upon graduation a Practitioner has the option to-

  • Set up their own Metaphysical Counselling Practice,
  • Become a member of the Metaphysical Society (MSEC)
  • Join the ICNM's (Institute of Complementary & Natural Medicine) British Register of Complementary Practitioners (BRCP) 
As with any reputable complementary therapy, practitioner insurance and CPD (continuous professional development) are required to maintain ongoing registration. More information is available at
The Practitioner Course is only open to those who have already completed the MSEC Foundation Course i.e. completed Modules A, B & C.  It is suitable for those wishing to train to become a Metaphysical and Spiritual Counsellor and may also be taken by anyone simply wishing to enhance their own personal and spiritual awareness.
Please note, this Practitioner Course is available either on attendance only basis or part-online basis.
With the part-online option, most of the theory is covered online, whilst the attendance workshops are for the practical, counselling skills element of the course. These workshops are held in Hertfordshire, UK and will be blocked together, so that it is more cost effective for students travelling from further afield.


General Information
In order to complete this course, students are required to take out student insurance, complete reading assignments and regular homework, to complete practice client case histories, to receive personal Metaphysical Counselling and take an exam at the end of the course.

With regards to homework accompanying this year 2 course, you will probably need to invest approx. 5-6 hours per week to course work, background reading etc. in addition to class time. Towards the end of the course, this will increase if you are completing case studies and revising. The work load is significant but not excessive, especially if it is completed regularly and at a steady pace.
Dates -Enrollments are currently closed on the online Foundation Course. However you can reserve a place for the next course Please Click Here to register interest
The Foundation Course is usually completed within a year, with the follow on Practitioner course usually taken the year later. The whole training is spread over two years to enable students to complete the required assignments, integrate the new understanding and undergo further personal growth.
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