Overview of Training Courses

We offer the following MSEC accredited training courses:

Foundation Course - Year 1 Part-time


Here we focus on deepening our own personal understanding and clarifying the need-to-know topics.
The MSEC Foundation Course consists of 3 modules A, B & C.

Most people study all 3 Modules, some just start with Module A and see how they progress. Others complete the Foundation course then continue on to professional counsellor or facilitator qualifications in year 2. The choice is yours...

Foundation Module A -
The 12 Keys to Consciousness

This module gives an overview of Metaphysics and by following the step-by-step process, it raises awareness of the main areas of misunderstanding and the ways that we unwittingly create conflict and struggle in our lives. It also explains some of the solutions we can readily apply, to ease the situation.  It’s an empowering and enlightening course.



Foundation Module B -
Expanding Awareness

This module gets to the 'nitty- gritty' of explaining how and why Metaphysics works. We explore the nature of reality and focus on mastering a versatile technique which can be used to enhance wellbeing for yourself and others.


Foundation Module C -
Living the Principles

In this module, we concentrate on applying the knowledge gained, to the issues we currently face. The aim is to empower you with some useful skills, tools and practices which enable you to feel more in harmony with life and embody a more Holistic/Spiritual way of being.


Practitioner Course - Year 2  Part-time

Helping others

Practitioner Course for Metaphysical Counsellor Qualification
Set Up in Practice as a Holistic Counsellor.
Use Your Spiritual Insights and Understanding, to Inspire and Awaken Others.




On a Professional Level - Benefits of the Practitioner Course

  • Learn transformational tools, which will integrate into any existing career
  • Receive in-depth training in many different techniques
  • Learn how to handle different personalities
  • Develop confidence in your own abilities
  • Enhance your understanding of metaphysical principles
  • Construct a personal spiritual practice for your own daily use
  • Be trained in meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Develop different counselling skills
  • Receive a grounding in other philosophies
  • Use spiritual mind treatment and affirmative prayer
  • Support people along their spiritual path

Quotes from Previous Students


"The Course material has been put together very well, each topic following on nicely from the previous one. Useful exercises, meditations and articles. Tutor support all the way."

"So glad I have taken this course. The subjects were in-depth and thought provoking. Each topic has been an eye-opener and has changed my understanding in a positive and beautiful way of who we really are. At times I have had to adjust my original way of thinking and this has been challenging but it all makes sense to me and I now understand what it is I have been searching for all my life; I now feel I am truly on the right spiritual path."


"This course has been a journey, the most important journey that I have ever taken, the journey to My Self. It has been done in such a subtle and gentle way that I am still amazed."

"One of the most transformational courses you can come across...."



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