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These are challenging times for everyone...


Whether you are caring for loved ones or even trying to navigate a way through yourself.
Everyone's life is being disrupted on some level as unprecedented rapid changes take place globally & individually.

Maybe you are someone who others go to for advice when times are tough?

Or have you been interested in Spiritual matters for a while, but you're not sure how to balance your Spiritual understanding with grounded day to day actions in these challenging times?

Or do you want advice about staying true to what you know, in the midst of all thats happening & other people's reactions?

This is where we can help....

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For example in previous webinars we discussed

- What YOU CAN DO to help yourself cope better with uncertainty and all that's happening


- What YOU CAN DO to stay more centered so you are better able to support yourself & others


- What YOU CAN DO to assist others who feel troubled


- How to use this time to deepen Spiritual insights, uncover the Soul lessons & find more inner peace.


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PLUS since then we have added treatments, articles, video clips etc. all created by our team of Counsellors, Teachers & Facilitators

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Who Are We?
Why Listen to Us?

Welcome fellow soul
Welcome to the School of Metaphysics


As a team of Metaphysical Counsellors and Teachers, nothing makes us happier than to assist Spiritual Seekers like yourself gain insights and 'AHA' moments to help INTEGRATE your deepest knowing and find more inner peace.


Because we know you matter

You matter to the people around you, the lives you touch and the hearts you heal & inspire.

It matters now more than ever that you feel at peace, you have happy relationships, a healthy body, a clear mind & free spirit.

It matters that you are aligned with your truth, feel fulfilled within yourself and have authentic connections with loved ones near and far, and the global community.


You matter – we all do!!


The world is finding out fast that as individuals we are so interrelated, the virus is contagious however so are our moods, emotions & attitude!

So this is the time we all need to keep shining our light, our inner knowing not just for ourselves but for others too.


You know it’s CLEAR when your energy is aligned – you feel uplifted & at peace, regardless of challenges you can cope with life's ups & downs and life flows with joy & ease.


Yet when you feel troubled or upset that has a ‘knock-on effect’ on yourself & others too.


We’ve all been there and experienced the swing from highs to lows. We get that it’s not always easy to live from our highest knowing with all thats happening around us at the moment, but even more so if you’ve had a challenging day, an argument with a loved one, stress with work, finances etc. Let alone just watching the news!


Then when we have reacted or someone has pressed our buttons, its not always easy to know how to unravel the emotions, bring yourself back to peace & navigate a way forward.


It’s frustrating because you KNOW deep in your heart that there is better way – you’ve experienced & felt it sometimes - yet can’t always live in it consistently.


This is where we can help you….
With the means & ‘know-how’ to integrate your experiences, transform & transcend challenges, so you can stay calmer in the face of life’s storms.


Want to find out more?


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Look forward to seeing you there....



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