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Training that inspires, enlightens, explains and empowers...

Imagine how life would be if you were.....
Less troubled by issues?
Less upset by the behaviour of others?

And if you did react to other people's words or actions, wouldn't life be sooooo much easier if you knew....
How to bring yourself back to peace?
How to unravel the lesson that life is trying to teach you?

Now isn't that something worth learning about???

We offer a Foundation Course open to anyone wishing to deepen their personal insight and awareness
And a Practitioner Course which could lead onto Metaphysical Counsellor qualification, if you wished to set up in practice or share these insights with others.
Study Online or Attend workshops.
Accredited training - all course notes provided - small class sizes so you gain individual attention and support from experienced and MSEC qualified Metaphysical Teachers.
Fit learning around your life

MSEC Foundation Course - Module A - 12 week online

  • A life skills course for personal insight and awareness
  • Offers a thorough grounding in the fundamental 'need-to-know' understanding and principles.
  • Contains information, you will wish you had known, years ago.
  • Ideal for deepening understanding and personal growth, no matter where you are on your Spiritual journey.
  • Discover empowering tools and techniques.
  • Learn information you will refer back to, time and again.
  • 3 modules taught part-time over a year.
  • Attend workshops or study fully online.
  • Regardless of where you live or what you do, most people are able to study online and fit learning around their life.
Opt for the whole Foundation Course or just start with Module A and
see how you get on...

Module A is an indepth exploration into the 12 Keys to Consciousness, to deepen personal insight and Spiritual understanding. Read below for an overview of the topics, and some of the many benefits that can be gained from studying this course.

Key 1 - Unlocking the Door to the Limitless Self

In this very first session we really get to the core of the whole course:Who am I really?

You are probably a spiritual seeker already:

You may have read lots of books and attended several courses,
but still feel there is something missing…

Key 1 aims to show you that you are not separate from the Source of your Goodness, even though it sometimes appears you are.

Throughout this course we use a range of resources - course notes, articles, video clips, audio clips, exercises etc. to expand your awareness. We illustrate the need-to-know topics, by sharing viewpoints from a range of different Spiritual teachings and philosophies.

Our first story, an old Hindu Legend, illustrates beautifully that Divinity is within You. It speaks of God, but Source is called many names: Divinity, Allah, Great Father, Buddha, Christ Consciousness etc. That Presence is beyond words and thoughts, so the name we use is less important than the recognition and direct experience - that is what matters.

Benefits of Key 1 - Unlocking the Door to the Limitless Self
  • Learn how to be in the world but not of it
  • Understand how to stop inadvertently creating struggle for yourself by becoming aligned with Universal Harmony
  • Understand the purposes and benefits of meditation together with simple techniques to enhance your practice


Key 2 - Letting the Divine Plan of Your Life Unfold

 In Key 2 we explore another huge question: What is the Purpose of My Life?

We get so caught up in the conditioning that we believe we are the roles we play in life,but as we saw in Key 1 when we re-discovered our True Spiritual Nature, we are more than just our human identity.

Each of us has a unique and necessary contribution to play, as Universal Consciousness Expresses Itself through our individual life experiences


Benefits of Key 2 - Letting the Divine Plan of Your Life Unfold
- Learn how to be an instrument of the Divine Plan

- Realise that you are not the roles you play in your life

- Identify and learn how to follow your bliss



 Key 3 - Coping with the Challenge of Change

Sometimes it seems that just when things are going right, they change.  

So How Can We Live More At Ease With Change?

Often we try and change our life at the level of physical form, not realising that we are simply substituting one form for another form. 
Transformation occurs when we change at a fundamental level changing our core beliefs and programming. A natural offshoot of learning how to transform our life is that the outer, physical forms also transform too !!


Benefits of Key 3 - Coping with the Challenge of Change

  • Experience True Transformation when your Consciousness Unfolds, revealing more of your Spiritual Identity
  • Realise the Alchemy of the process of change and especially step 7: Finding the Gift in the Process
  • Learn how to honour and celebrate endings as well as beginnings

Key 4 - Yes You Can! Depending on Spiritual Confidence

It seems we either have it or you don't - Confidence that is!!

You do a good job, get praised and you feel respected, valued, intelligent, competent. Do the same good job and receive no praise, or worse, negative criticism, and your self-esteem plummets.

Living from this ego controlled, limited experience of confidence where you are dependent on external things making you feel worthy is always going to be a rollercoaster experience. You build up your confidence, then you lose it, then you get it back, then we go around the whole cycle again....
Spiritual Confidence is grounded in your True Spiritual Self. It is not dependant on anything outside of you.


Benefits of Key 4 - Depending on Spiritual Confidence

  • Wake up to the Presence Within which is your Infinite Source of True Confidence
  • Give up your need for constant reassurance and approval from outside yourself
  • Transcend Human doubt with faith in Infinite Intelligence flowing through us


Key 5 - Letting Go of Fear - Taking Risks

Much of society's thinking is full of fear.
We have been raised within that mindset and that message surrounds us each day.
This collective belief in separation causes us to fear both life and death.

As we come to a greater understanding of our Spiritual Awareness we can consciously remove the fears we are aware of and eliminate the subconscious fears we have unwittingly accepted from humanity.


Benefits of Key 5 - Letting Go of Fear

  • Stop paying the 'blackmailer' that is fear and realise that supressing fear only causes it to emerge stronger elsewhere
  • Expose your fear as an illusion as your True Self is revealed to yoiu
  • Take a leap of faith in the face of fear, understand the difference between risks taken with wisdom and risks taken without it

Key 6 - No More Enemies - Healing Conflict Within

Halfway through the course and we get to the important realisation that everything we experience in the 'outside' world is a reflection of our own internal programming.

Keys 6 and 7 really challenge us to see and accept that the conflict we experience in our relationships is because of an internal conflict which already exists within consciousness.

Benefits of Key 6 - No More Enemies - Healing Conflict Within

  • Realise that people and things simply bring to the surface the conflict that is already within us
  • Learn how to release inner conflict by releasing blame
  • Learn how to embrace the shadow self with compassion instead of rejecting it

Key 7 - Embracing the Rejected Self with Compassion

Following on closely Key 6, we explore the shadow side more deeply,
with compassion, to find ways to accept and love the parts of you that you previously rejected.


Benefits of Key 7 - Embracing the Rejected Self with Compassion

  • Understand that the rejected parts of us are still outpicturing in our experience, even though we are not consciously aware of them
  • Realise that people in your life are mirrors of yourself: What you judge as wrong in them is a rejected  part of yourself hidden in your shadow
  • Learn to forgive yourself and others

Key 8 - Becoming Empowered by Releasing Blame

If we do not know about Universal Laws we believe that there is a world outside of us which is ruled by chance and it can certainly appear that way. This is because we are living from the Ego which believes itself to be separate from its Spiritual Source.

The Ego wants someone or something to blame, but blame keeps us stuck in the pain of the event when we release the blame we can heal the wound.


Benefits of Key 8 - Becoming Empowered by Releasing Blame

  • Realise that you are not to blame; it is your programming that causes you to react the way you do
  • Learn why and how to forgive
  • Realise that by forgiving others you are actually forgiving yourself and setting them and you free


Key 9 - From Betrayal to Trust

We have all felt betrayed at one time or another.

We trusted someone and they let us down, betrayed our confidence, lied to us or stole from us. It is challenging to consider that the belief that we could be betrayed, or could betray another, is caused by separation thinking but that is what you will learn from this Key.


Benefits of Key 9 - From Betrayal to Trust

  • Understand Trust as a Spiritual Quality - a constant which does not change. Unlike the continually changing nature or humanity
  • Realise that all betrayal is self-betrayal - a denial of your True Spiritual Identity because you had identified with a sense of separation
  • Experience the Judas meditation to realise that your 'betrayer' is mirroring back to you something you need to heal

Key 10 - Finding Meaning in What Appears to go Wrong 

Why do bad things happen to good people?

In the form world it appears there are 'bad' things happening everywhere. Some people put it down to luck, others to a God that punishes wrongdoing. But we only have a limited human viewpoint of what is appearing. From a spiritual perspective, we don't know if the event is bad or good. As soon as we make that judgement and label something as 'bad', we sink into lower levels of understanding and operate from stories of loss, or fear, or danger. From here we cannot experience the spiritual message in every event.


Benefits of Key 10 Finding Meaning in what Appears to go Wrong

  • Move beyond concepts of 'good' and 'bad' to let the Spiritual Good emerge
  • Surrender to the realisation that only Divinity is the Reality of the situation, so that good can be revealed in unexpected ways
  • Understand and experience the Law of Release (Surrender), releasing everyone to their highest good

Key 11 - Cultivating a Generous Heart

True giving returns to Source and a Generous heart gives without expectation of return. Our limited ego perspective believes that resources are limited so when we give we want something back in return.

Notice how you feel when you give, if you feel unappreciated because you weren't thanked, or resentful when you didn't get anything back then you are not giving from true generosity.


Benefits of Key 11 - Cultivating a Generous Heart

  • Realise that, as everything flows through us from Source, nothing actually belongs to us
  • Understand that a generous heart gives without expectation of return
  • Understand the spiritual purpose of tithing

Key 12 - Letting Love Live Your Life

 As we reach the end of the 12 Keys, we finish this module how we started it, with Love. The human self searches for love because it doesn't know that it is already love. We think we can get love from another person, earn it from good things that we do, deserve it or not deserve it.
But our True Spiritual Identity is, and always has been, love. We can never be separate from it. It flows through us, and out of us, and returns back to us.


Benefits of Key 12 - Letting Love Live Your Life

  • Know the Truth that your Spiritual Identity is Love
  • Understand that the Self we are asked to love is our True Spiritual Identity not the human appearance
  • Realise that your Divine Purpose is to become a transparency for love to pour Itself from you into the world



 This is just Module A of the Foundation Course, and as you can see this course is 'jam packed' with life lessons and knowledge. It distills the need-to- know information from a variety of philosophies. Most people gain insights and new understanding, that they wish they had known about years ago.

Join our next course and shed light on the issues which matter to you.


If you have any questions about how the course works in practice or
whether the course is suitable for you.
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"One of the most transformational courses you can come will never see life or others from the same perspective you had before...things that used to upset you now don't....
This course is the best gift you can give to yourself."
"The course has exceeded expectations and given me so much, in particular a greater sense of peace and understanding."
"One of the best investments I have ever made,
was to study this (Foundation) course."
"A life-changing course, ideal for those who want more peace in their life or to understand why our fellow humans behave the way they do"
"I am far less reactive and my whole family have benefited since I studied Metaphysics."
"The best course I have EVER studied.....
..... and I've done a lot !!!"
It would be wonderful to share these teachings with YOU too... 
With very best wishes
Debbie Austin
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