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A Heart Centred Approach...
A Heart CentredApproach... 

Training that inspires, enlightens, explains and empowers...

Discover how to love life again

Imagine how life would be if you.....
Were less troubled by issues?
Less upset by the behaviour of others?

Felt more peace, love and joy each day?
And if you did react to other people's words or actions, wouldn't life be sooooo much easier if you knew....
How to bring yourself back to peace?
How to unravel the lesson that life is trying to teach you?
Now isn't that something worth learning about???
We offer a Foundation Course open to anyone wishing to deepen their personal insight and awareness.
If you are interested in sharing these insights with others - we offer a follow on Facilitator Course or a Practitioner Course (which could lead onto Metaphysical Counsellor qualification, if you wished to set up in practice professionally).
Attend workshops or study online wherever you live.

MSEC and ICNM accredited training - all course notes provided - small class sizes so you gain individual attention and support from experienced and MSEC qualified Metaphysical Teachers.
Fit learning around your life

MSEC Metaphysics Foundation Course

  • A life skills course for personal insight and awareness
  • Offers a thorough grounding in the fundamental 'need-to-know' understanding and principles.
  • Contains information, you will wish you had known, years ago.
  • Ideal for deepening understanding and personal growth, no matter where you are on your Spiritual journey.
  • Discover empowering tools and techniques.
  • Learn information you will refer back to, time and again.
  • 3 modules taught part-time over a year.
  • Attend workshops or study fully online.
  • Regardless of where you live or what you do, most people are able to study online and fit learning around their life.
Opt for the whole Foundation Course or just start with Module A and
see how you get on...

Module A is an indepth exploration into the 12 Keys to Consciousness, to deepen personal insight and Spiritual understanding.





Read here for an overview of the topics, and some of the many benefits that can be gained from studying this course.


 The Foundation Course, is 'jam packed' with life lessons and knowledge. It distills the need-to- know information from a variety of philosophies. Most people gain insights and new understanding, that they wish they had known about years ago.

Join our next course and shed light on the issues which matter to you.


If you have any questions about how the course works in practice or
whether the course is suitable for you.
Please email us at mail@schoolofmetaphysics.com or call 01442 832410
We will be happy to answer your queries.

New course starts 18th April
Previous courses have filled up quickly

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£97 deposit secures your place on the next online Foundation Course
Monthly payment options and early bird discounts are available


In the meantime - Please don't miss out


What previous students have said about our courses...


"One of the most transformational courses you can come across....you will never see life or others from the same perspective you had before...things that used to upset you now don't....
This course is the best gift you can give to yourself."
"The course has exceeded expectations and given me so much, in particular a greater sense of peace and understanding."
"One of the best investments I have ever made,
was to study this (Foundation) course."
"A life-changing course, ideal for those who want more peace in their life or to understand why our fellow humans behave the way they do"
"I am far less reactive and my whole family have benefited since I studied Metaphysics."
"The best course I have EVER studied.....
..... and I've done a lot !!!"
It would be wonderful to share these teachings with YOU too... 
With very best wishes
Debbie Austin
MSEC Metaphysical Counsellor, Teacher, Supervisor and
Online Tutor,

Founder of The School of Metaphysics,
Member of the Metaphysical Society,
ICNM Senior Practitioner. 
For further information, please contact mail@schoolofmetaphysics.com




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We have put together the most frequently asked questions about our training for you. Check out our FAQs.

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